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This event will be an intimate experience with five selected authors residing in Brooklyn NY. It is confirmed that it will be held at the Hip Hop Closet.


This event will attract the literary community, book lovers, and the hip-hop community. Names that will influence the author’s sales and popularity to another level of readers. The event was created to bring in more writers and expand readership and book lovers alike. Now PR Magazine will monetize and build these selected writers with a new platform. We are seeking to roll out a new website in the Summer of 2024, which will be offering packages for up-and-coming writers and best-selling authors.


Blog writers can take advantage of our packages as well. This will engage new authors, and veteran writers on the site with people that they would not normally meet on a day-to-day basis. We will promote their work on all platforms, add their articles to Now PR Magazine to build readership, and push all of our writers towards paid jobs in editing, proofing, drafting articles, ghostwriting, writing films, and writing stage plays for others who are searching for writing creatives.


Overall, they will be gaining more publicity, opportunities, marketing, and advertising while they are a member of the family collectively.

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