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10 Things Your Fragrance Says About Your Personality

Different traits contribute to your personality. Just like your clothes, music choices, and your footwear, your fragrance also defines your personality. Psychology has a lot to say about these traits that reflect your personality. The perfumes are formulated keeping different moods in mind that reflect a person.

Buying a fragrance follows a rigorous practice of research. You will not like every fragrance in the store. The way you choose and the fragrance you choose represents you. From a strong scent to light flowery smell, you get the best fragrance that fits your personality.

It may be surprising for most of the people, but fragrances represent you. There are several things you might not know about the perfume you use. You might switch perfumes as per mood, but everyone has a favorite. That favorite scent says a lot about you.

Here are 10 facts that your perfume says about your personality.

1. You Are a Morning Person

People who love to wear citrus perfumes are usually recognized as morning people. A morning person is found to be energetic. Being a morning person is a good thing. Your energy is influential for others. Also, you like fulfilling challenges.

Citrus fragrances have therapeutic benefits as well, which may also be an attraction for several people. The ingredients keep a balance between freshness and calmness.

Such people spread positive vibes in their surroundings and friends feel fresh around them. Such people are also classified as dominant and aggressive people. But aggression is a very rare trait. The most important trait that defines citrus lovers is their dominance and energy to take challenges.

The best time to wear citrus scents is daytime, outdoor fun, and spring.

2. You Might Be Seductive

Seduction is an art that is not a proficiency of every person. If you like to wear musky perfumes frequently, you are among such people.

Musky fragrances are powdery, rich, long-lasting, and strong. They make the wearer feel sexy and seductive.

Women who love musky scents are found to be sensual, seductive, wild, and lovers of vintage.

These perfumes are best to wear on a date, special occasions, and cold climates.

3. Are You a Party Person?

Party people have a different taste in fragrances from everybody else. Fruity scents are made for the party souls.

These people love to party more than anybody else. They are extremely social and party butterflies who know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Such people are always surrounded. They also know how to cheer up people and how to make someone feel welcome.

The best time to wear fruity scents is daytime, garden parties, and official events.

4. Romance Is One of Your Finest Qualities

Loving someone and then expressing it is important and the quality of some people. Is romance one of your finest qualities? You might be interested in using floral scents more often.

Women who use floral scents are recognized as more feminine than others. They embrace their girly side with pride. Wearers of floral scents are optimistic, elegant, and committed.

These people never give up on the idea of true love or love at first sight. Love stories in real life and on-screen, are an attraction for them.

The best time to wear floral scents is lunch, picnics, daytime, and warm weather.

5. Being calm and Down to Earth is Your Quality

Woody or leathery scent lovers are said to be very calm and down to earth. They cannot hurt anyone and keeping others happy is among their priorities. They are sensible and mature people who do not exaggerate anything. They tell the truth from scratch without spicing it up. They are fearless and feel proud of their qualities.

The best time to wear this scent is dusk, cool breezy nights, and special occasions.

6. You Are a Craftsmen

Some people focus on the major and minor details of everything that surrounds them. Such people wear boutique fragrances more often and comfortably. They encourage innovation, peculiarity, and an extreme level of artistry.

Such people are referred to as perfectionists.

7. Are You the Hedonist Type?

Some scents have a massive impact on your sexual life. Among such scents, oriental fragrances are on top of the list. Oriental fragrances seem to depict a light mood person, but these fragrances are the choices of sexually intimidated people.

Most men and women who wear this scent are defined in a single word that is a hedonist. In the dictionary, hedonist means pleasure seeker.

This is not an embarrassment but a personality trait that these people have a healthy sex life. Their lives are exotic and spicy.

Oriental perfumes represent the ‘bring it on’ type of people. The best time to wear this scent is dinner and dates.

8. You are a Minimalist

If you use marine fragrances like salty and pure watery scents, you must be a simple, elegant, and self-confident person.

These scents were popular in the ’90s, but several people still use marine scents. They are minimalists and spread the purity of their souls.

9. You are Among the Self-Assured People

Self-assurance means you do not consider external factors to appreciate you or encourage. You are confident about your work and personality. Self-assured people have found to use oud scents.

This scent also gives a musky feeling, but it is not as strong as the original musk perfumes. The wearers of this scent do not believe in proving themselves. They do not scream to tell others about them.

10. You Have an Aspirational Personality

Aspirational people are motivated and spread the same attitude in their surroundings. Aspirational people use sports scents more often than other fragrances.

Usually, sportspeople use these scents, but the use is not restricted to them. The majority of hardworking people use sports scent. The best time to use this scent is morning and official meetings.

The Final Verdict

Your choices depict your personality to a greater extent. If you focus on the little details, you will know several things about your personality that you were unaware of. Just like your tipple, your shoes, and your clothes, the fragrance you often wear also says several things about your personality. Maison 21G is a perfume store in Singapore that is filled with fragrances for every person.

Though you switch fragrances as per need, you have a favorite that gets preference over every other perfume in your closet. Psychology has remarkably shown how your scent can say who you are. That does not mean you have to judge, or someone has to judge you, but if you want to know someone in the first meeting, check out their scent.

Scents give you an overview of the personality the other person has. These are just 10 major things about a personality, but you will find several minor personality traits through perfumes.

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