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A Healing Series:PART I, How Important is our Father's ❤️ and Support in Black and Brown Communities

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

To the amazing present fathers I salute you. I know you're hardworking, doing overtime to provide and support your family, or perhaps you are home taking care of the children and home duties. Whatever you have going on, I want you to know that your diligence and determination has our attention. Support is one of the main ingredients needed to have a positive and well-respected relationship with anyone, and most definitely needed in our father children relationship dynamics.

Whether Single, in a marriage or widowed you are breaking the generational curse that all black men are absent fathers. Every day that you are here pushing through, and display persistence, you are supporting a progressive legacy. Leading with compassion, and with dignity, that is undeniable. I must say, in our black and brown communities, I personally hear conversations about so many loving children that have been missing out. They are deprived of the most important essentials, including parental support from only one parent and not the other.

I support and uplift our, contributing fathers and future Astounding Fathers. It has to start somewhere! I need new fathers to know that they hold so much power. It fills my heart up with so much joy to see fathers guide their little ones with purpose and intention. True kings who stand up for justice and what is right, not only for their lineage and legacy but within our communities throughout the world. Our communities deserve to experience this impressive change; I am excited to see it. One thing that I think can help with the change is focusing on healing our brothers.

Sometimes I think about how much worse we could be without the comforting love and support of our fathers. Just the thought of a world filled with more killings, more arrest, more mental health decline and more suicide, scares me terribly. I quickly shifted my thoughts towards where the attention is lacking. We need positivity and acknowledgment of the Growth. I have noticed in our communities that Gratitude is in order for our Kings; I call them Astounding Fathers. Our fathers require our support deeply. I recently read that fathers promote inner growth and strength. Fathers help to provide security in their children’s lives. Studies have also shown that children without fathers present can experience premature pregnancies, drugs, and imprisonment.

I speak directly to fathers,

“You will and can affect your child if it’s a healthy one with overall emotional and social well-being. Present dads hold the power of reducing a mother's mental, emotional and spiritual stress. It is a plus to provide your young ones with a respected co -parenting experience.”

Ebony Jernigan

If you are ever overwhelmed or experiencing stress as a father, it is ok to make time for yourself. You deserve a balance. Do not be too hard on yourself, sometimes greatness takes patience and most likely allow you to function better when you are at peace in your own space. Speaking of peace, you will need to include a form of healing from life’s trials, challenges, and trauma.

So let us begin today…

I would love to share a few things that some of our fathers can try to create more balance and assist you with finding peace and inner restoration. These activities include exercising, seeking therapy, journaling and of course sex.

When it comes to healing and finding inner peace it takes more in-depth work, but it can be done, and you will not only feel the rewards, but you will see and experience them as you and your children grow together. Writing is a very comforting tool that will assist in your healing journey. Finding inner peace is a journey, and the movement is simply writing how you feel. It is called journaling, and it has been around for centuries. Writing about whatever is on your mind, your happiness, excitement, challenges; sharing sad experiences will provide overall healing. It allows you to release whatever is on your mind and heart while it is happening.

If you are looking for a journal to assist you on your journey with fatherhood, feel free to try “The Astounding Father's Journal” created by yours truly. I was inspired to create this journal as a tool to guide you with getting in tune with your fatherhood experiences and thoughts. I truly believe that this journal will be a wonderful tool to help all of our fathers build better confidence and integrity within their relationships. I say this because it is working for me.

Its purpose is to assist you in organizing your thoughts and ideas of fatherhood and to invoke positive realizations, and experiences on your journey.

As a single mom of twin girls, I found myself feeling extremely overwhelmed at times. My children are a blessing, so I wanted to enjoy it. However, I realized that with the idea of being a mom of two, I still felt like I was under pressure as a new mom. My relationship with their Father did not go as planned, and growing through our differences was challenging. At times, I found myself hiding in the bathroom just to get a break or just some type of relief. There was so much work to be done. I was not totally aware of the deep healing I myself had to work through as a single mother.

I ended up healing myself first and found myself trying new things. A method I enjoyed and continued to do was practicing gratitude by writing down at least 10 things that I am grateful for in my life. Sometimes daily, others weekly or whenever it comes to mind. Doing this boosted my mood immediately; it shifted my mindset to a more positive mood. In my experience, using a prompted journal and writing my gratitude list has been extremely helpful. These tools have assisted me in identifying my different behaviors, thoughts, and ideas in my relationship with my children, my family, friends, and myself. Practicing these, positive habits have helped to make me more mindful and aware in all relationships and most of all motherhood.

Seeing a therapist can also assist you with identifying your true feelings and ideas in life. You have the opportunity to express your ideas and feelings with someone that is neutral, who can give you another perspective and help you to think outside your box. They can assist you with solutions that will help you. I obviously am not a father, but I am a mother who researched and took the time out to seek therapy. It helped me to gain more understanding and healing in my life. I must say it has been immensely rewarding.

Many platforms help with seeking therapy and virtue for men and women.

Here are a few lists of websites and organizations that can assist you with seeking therapy.

I am excited to say there is more to look forward to regarding your healing, and getting in tune with your truth is your first priority. Moving forward, I am working on some amazing projects. I look forward to assisting you on your incredible path to healing with my meditation and affirmation album. I have been recording for a while now, and I am ready to share it with you. You will need to start with a few essentials that I also use to relax.

Crystals and other tools to contribute to elevating your energy and vibration during meditation will give you full control over your life. There will always be people out here that will make it challenging to accomplish your goals. With so many distractions around us, it’s imperative to stay grounded to do the work on ourselves and our mindset. We will be able to support and love our children, and leave a constructive legacy. Positive Self-awareness is vital for children to see firsthand from their fathers. We deserve to uphold ourselves in the highest regards. In my opinion, most importantly, how you feel about you and how you see yourself first and second, what your children say about you makes a difference.

Thank you to all the The Astounding Fathers, your Legacy continues. We need you, and the world needs more men like you. Much gratitude to you, we honor you King!

About the Writer:

@Ebonyistheone born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. A DOPE Nowprmagazine writer, Actress, Singer and all around creative but most importantly she is a mom of twin girls. Over the year’s @ebonyistheone tapped into her focus healing and spirituality. She has been sharing it with the 🌎

We ❤how she finds inspiration in just about any experience. She looks forward to inspiring others while giving and/or sharing her perspective with her readers. Not to mention, she uses her life experience as a tool to guide her while she continues to navigate through life, love, lessons, and blessings. Stick around; you are going to love this!

Follow The Astounding Father's journal page on Instagram @theastoundingfathers

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05 de fev. de 2022

Awesomeness ❤️


Thank you for that! I could imagine how many fathers don't hear those words of praise often enough to believe that they are seen that way. The article made me reflect in a real way.

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