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Nicole S. Norton, Editor-n-Chief, Publicist Email 929-399-3378 BROOKLYN WELCOMES A NEW DIGITAL PLATFORM FOR NEW WRITERS + SPEAKERS

Brooklyn, NY –With Summer struggling for a spot and winter simply not wanting to leave at all, writers are happy to experience a new Publicity & digital platform that will showcase their writing talent to new readers and publicists that may be seeking new clients. Brooklyn writers and published authors know how to have fun and finally found a place where they can enjoy new readers that are waiting for resourceful and new content to share with their friends and family.

With so many outlets online to choose from this is not your typical online magazine, it’s what we call a publicity content bar and a menu that serves over 1.7 thousand readers daily and is still growing. With a selection of the latest stories that blend and introduce not just new talent but authors, health professionals and musicians collectively. On April 20, 2021 Now PR Magazine softly relaunched its pages to a new online magazine and the soft buzz is only getting louder. Now PR Magazine has already received great feedback from its online readers with their current articles in real time, awesome interviews and fresh Virtual Love Hack Videos. Their writers offer a fun filled menu of celebrity, film, family and love and sex articles that are clearly a breath of fresh air for loyal readers. Now PR Magazine was made for publicists to share their press releases and stories, while offering poets a new platform to explore and public speakers an opportunity to shine brighter! This will ultimately give readers so much more than the average online and digital magazine. It gives them an instant connection to professional publicists, bloggers, models and photographers. The experience is a delicious gumbo cuisine of communication that will keep readers wanting more. As a subscriber to the new PR Video and digital magazine, the finest writers, photographers and editors sit down to create a page turner filled with real and diverse material.

Now PR Magazine has a large following after launching its site in 2019. The Pandemic placed the magazine under a microscope, allowing the platform to sink or swim. At the end of 2020, the magazine shocked everyone and went from 100 readers to 1.2 thousand readers overnight. The buzz spun and it came in first place amongst its competitors! Most importantly their readers are not only coming back for seconds and thirds since the official launch but they are sharing their experiences with everyone that they come into contact with on social media.

With a variety of perspectives from various publicists, writers and photographers, Editor-n-Chief Nicole S. Norton-Evans set out to give readers what was promised from the beginning, and that was to leave them feeling amazing and filled with new information! Mrs. Norton-Evans’ and her team has already begun to gain momentum with their insightful articles, The Tayler and Lillie Show for kids, The Virtual Love and friend Hacks and soon to be released Now PR Speaks. Now PR Magazine is a diverse + cultural platform devoted to increasing concepts in the black and brown community, typically in the form of diminutive, influential conferences (30 minutes or less). Now PR Magazine will launch its first digital pages on July 1, 2021 which will continue to cater to Film, Authors, Musicians and the Health Industry. The online magazine was introduced in 2019 and will branch out to Now PR Speaks on July 1 2021. This will include a Now PR Speaks conference where Entertainment, Technology and Strategy come together, and currently shelters almost all themes — from self-discipline to professional to worldwide concerns. Meanwhile, independently run Now PR Speaks events support ideas in communities that have been neglected for so long. In addition, Now PR Magazine will officially open its doors with all of these exciting elements on July 1 2021 and guests will enjoy special events & Conferences, special offers and cool giveaways! What more can you ask for from a platform that we have all been waiting for Follow Now PR Magazine on Facebook and Add them on Instagram To find out more about Now PR Magazine visit and share ###

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