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We celebrate Nowprmagazine writer @valerieyvettepeterson

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Valerie Yvette Peterson has been writing for over 35 years and has performed her work in various organizations across the country. Her work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine,, Dr. Melinda Silva’s Podcast for Mental Health, Wild Sound Festival Review, Ethically Immoral Podcast, The Numberz Radio Station 96.7, Portland Observer and many others. Her work was recently selected to appear in two Anthologies: Los Angeles Poets for Justice, published by the L.A. Poet Society Press and Moonstone Press, 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Valerie Yvette Peterson was a featured poet for the BIPOC Reading Series for Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon.

Her most recent published work: Fruits Of Our Labor- My Words, My Harvest; A Compilation Of Poetry and Prose, can be found at most retail bookstores. This extraordinary collection chronicles the realities and disparities of divorce, relationships, abortion and mental illness within communities of color; also hosting a YouTube Vlog each Monday evening. Valerie is an Associate Producer for World Arts Foundation Inc., which produces the second-largest Tribute in the Nation for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Valerie Yvette Peterson has worked with the Poetry Society of New York’s Advisory Council as well as Fertile Ground Festival of New Work’s GROW Award Panel, where she helped to create a shift toward equity and inclusion in aspects of BIPOC Artistry. Valerie’s work was selected through PassinArt: A Theatre Company for the Pacific Northwest Multicultural Readers Festival. Furthermore, Valerie Yvette Peterson received a commission from the Portland Playhouse Theatre Company to produce a production for their Community Project: Joy Comes in The Mourning.


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