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We Have a Diverse Team of Writers Who Cover a Wide Range of Genres

Now PR Magazine is dedicated to bringing our readers fresh and new stories that captivate and inspire. In order to ensure that we are providing the best content possible, we have implemented a process for choosing stories to write about. The one thing we seek above all else are stories that are unique and innovative, stories that will truly stand out in the minds of our readers.

If a company, event, or talent wishes to be featured in Now PR Magazine, they must formally request a write-up by completing our survey. This survey allows us to gather all the necessary information about the company, event, or talent, so that we can properly assess whether it aligns with our editorial vision. We have a diverse team of writers who cover a wide range of genres, so requests will be carefully reviewed and assigned to the writer who is best suited to cover it.

This ensures that each story receives the attention and care it deserves, and that the company, event, or talent is given the proper platform to shine.

It is important to note that we do not cover run-of-the-mill events. We are looking for stories that are truly unique and exciting, stories that will capture the imagination of our readers. In order to properly assess whether an event or project meets our criteria, we request a complimentary invite and detailed information about the event or project. This allows us to conduct a thorough review and determine whether it is a good fit for our publication.

At Now PR Magazine, we are committed to providing our readers with the best content possible. By following our process for choosing stories, we are able to ensure that we are delivering stories that are fresh, new, and truly captivating. We invite companies, events, and talents to reach out to us and request a write-up, so that we can help them shine in the spotlight.

Together, we can create stories that will leave a lasting impression on our readers and inspire them to explore new horizons.

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