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Ebony Haith is a supermodel who walked into our living rooms on the first series of America's next top model. Today Ebony is an up and coming actress, comedian, writer, singer, artist and certified health counselor, but her true passion has always been writing. Recently creating short articles as a beginning intro for her upcoming book called America's next top model (SKIN too rough). Ebony's unique life journey is like no other. This American beauty is using her life experiences and voice to tell her story with wisdom and Grace. “In my skin” are short articles on the reality of her life conditions. It highlights how she continues to overcome the false myth that desensitizes so many people about their skin color. It circles around the most beautiful gift she believes is her skin. Her unapologetic, exclusive and authentic way of telling her story is wonderful and unique. In 2013, Ms. Haith had a write-up, and featured in the New York Post as one of the upcoming and pronounced storytellers of our time. She is definitely one to look out for in the near future. Ebony is bold and speaks out on topics that many were afraid to say aloud. Her life experiences are unusual, but she is finally ready to reveal them to the world. From 24 Foster Care homes, to over 13 schools, that is just the beginning. An American woman, Ebony Haith shares her story in a time that we need it. She shares her story with grace. Ebony's truth and wisdom is not only refreshing and unique, but it is healing.


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