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NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE Communications is a mass media, multi-niche and Publicity Company dedicated to Black owned businesses and inspires a global audience of more than 20 thousand through the eyes of various writers and popular novel content. From the pages of its well-versed online magazine, to its years of transformation and skills, to its media evolution and digital, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE reside in the homes and lives of Black Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Public Figures everywhere. Whether bringing news, politics, culture, entertainment, or inspiration for its objectives, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE is committed to telling the real stories – in its own expression and image – and is becoming a most reliable sounding board and “home” for a Black nation worldwide.



NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE is the premiere Publicity platform, showcasing companies from fashion to art for African-American Entrepreneurs. With its inspiring communication, friendly publicist-to-person tenor, persuasive and winning journalistic team and exciting and contemporary strategy, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE is the ultimate expression of this generations vibrant African-American leaders of the world. NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE speaks directly to a Black peoples rising and entrepreneurial spirit, the heart beats with exclusive concerns and fulfills in the most informative way. Every week consumers rely on NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE for new product content intended to help entrepreneurs move their business forward overall. Sectors such as Health & Wellness, Beauty, and Entertainment We Adore feature matters that emphasize on building black families, finance, lifestyle, fashion beauty and enjoy intimate moments with readers. In 2008, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE was born better known as the Brooklyn Biz Table where over 500 businesses came together on one platform to meet and build their fellow members businesses up. Since then it has become a full-fledged Publicity magazine noticed by so many well respected entertainers and public figures Globally via Business/Technology, Wellness/Health, Arts & Entertainment, and Personal Commentary, Public Affairs and Online categories. The publication has a monthly circulation of 30,000 and a readership of 2 million. The first issue of NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE hit online on January 2020, with a circulation of 30,000. 




The NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE Group is one of Social Medias largest business group gathering of African-American business owners featuring an extraordinary number of seasoned and new entrepreneurs, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE is an Empowerment group and strives to build on businesses strengths from all over the world with in-house professionals that assist in helping group members become successful. This group has featured some of the most amazing companies, the NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE has been giving over 1000 members the publicity they need to  not only fly on their own but encourage business owners to put back into their communities to rebuild the economy. In March 2020, after the pandemic and Black Lives Matter Movement erupted Now Publicity was front and center! NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE stepped in and made a conscience decision to cover its supporters and readers with extensive information to make changes for them and their families. On June 2020, multiple black business owners were honored and featured that reached over 40,000 people for the first time since we began over 10 years ago. With NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE to develop and present our new brand in a few weeks “Black Times America Equals...” this will help us discover how we really feel about where our country is truly headed!



NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE: Time. Struggle. Love. Is a vast web drive aimed to be the definitive online journey's end for African-American Entrepreneurs? Where do we go from here? We need to listen to those words in our heads, in our hearts and in our souls. It needs to resonate with how we are spending, dealing and giving it to others and to ourselves. NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE.com functions as the daily source for African American-businesses within entertainment and community, and imitates the cherished nature and style of the well-regarded NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE brand. As portion of its day-to-day relaxed contributions, NOW PUBLICITY MAGAZINE.com delivers appealing blogs, full-bodied photo galleries, innovative video, and an extensive online family.