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Little Black Book of Terror: An Anthology Review

SVP’s Little Black Book of Terror: An Anthology Benefiting SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education”

“I put a spell on the Christmas lights,” Esmerelda explained. “One that would only work on a vampire, which up until now I didn’t believe existed.”

Try to focus while your mind plays tricks on you. Is it real or is it fantasy? Is it a horror story or was a crime committed? Asking yourself in these moments of confusion should I stop, but the anticipation of what’s going to happen next keeps you turning the pages.

This is an amazing anthology of horror stories that translate to emotional misery, hurt, toxic environments, and bittersweet moments. These authors tug at your soul, they invite you to recognize the complexity of the mind in all relationships with deep words that connect you to their reality.

These are not just your typical vampire-biting, werewolf-clawing stories. This collection of sixteen acclaimed writers includes mysterious stories and magical expressions, as the writers take your imagination to places where your brain is afraid to go. They open the mind to a place that can be misleading and provoke the reader to ask the question “What is really horror?” Then you are left trying to make a distinction between what you have read versus what you already know.

It keeps you wanting, more just when you think you figured out the next move it cuts you off and increases your fear but entices your curiosity. “A creature born of pen and ink.”

You don’t have to be a fan of horror to enjoy these stories, they are worth reading. I highly recommend this book to everyone, but especially those of you who think that horror only includes blood, creatures, and ghosts. I wonder who has the spirit to bear the ugly truth.

Take this spooky but adventurous ride, it’s hard to put down and it will surely change your perspective. “To deny oneself is to court insanity.”

And you will be benefiting Suicide Awareness Voices of Education SAVE.

2023. Grey Eyes and The Otherwise Evicted Hunter. C. Nola, D. Rose, S. Van Patten (Editors), SVP’s Little Black Book of Terror: An Anthology Benefiting SAVE: Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. (26, 175, 215)

About the Writer

Lydia Bailey’s (also known as ‘Lydz’) love for writing began when she was about 9 years old writing, she started writing, wanting to transfer her thoughts into words and express herself openly. Her first experience was writing love notes and cards for classmates that they gave as gifts.

For many years she collected her work by drafting poems, short stories, scripts, journals, notebooks, word documents, phone notes, or whatever she could write.

“Whenever I am inspired, it could be on the train, sitting in a waiting room, or just walking down the street, I write in order to capture that moment.”

She began sharing her work when a fellow poet encouraged her to read one of her poems at an event.

After starting her own business in consultation for new businesses and artist development, she found herself reviewing and writing content for newsletters, articles, and magazines, creating scripts, synopsis, webpages, social media, and other projects.

She is the co-creator of ‘Poetry in 3D Motion’ with Patricia Ralph and Dawn Nedd, a platform created to host and showcase poets and spoken word artists. Specifically, for those that may not always have the opportunity to share their work in a comfortable space.

With several of her published poems and spoken word pieces, she is constantly working on new material to share.

Lydia had always known that she wanted to be at the writer’s table in the most creative way possible and embarked on a journey to do just that.

“The joy I feel when writing is one of the most exhilarating and therapeutic moments of my

day”. If my work can connect with people to bring them joy, then that makes it even more


Follow Her on IG @3bsentertainment

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