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I am not going to go in to how sad and unhappy I am in my marriage right now. But in order for you to understand I will need to explain to you how it all started.

For right now I am happy with this man. A new man. And it all started about a week ago. He made me laugh again. He came in to purchase his first home and I was his realtor. In the beginning it was all business. I had no idea that he was looking at my every move. He stared at me privately and I was not even paying attention. I left for a while and allowed him privacy while he filled out the paperwork. Came back only to find out that he was not finished. So I left again. I had so much work to do but the third time I returned I noticed that he had a lot more to say and it had nothing to do with why he was there. "What is your phone number?" He asked I ignored him

I had so much to do that day. So many phone calls and clients to get back to. I just needed him to come in and fill out the paperwork for the ball to start rolling. I hadn't really been intimate with my husband for at least 4 months. And I was not eager and looking forward to it either. I stayed distracted by everything else around me. My son really made me proud and was gearing up for graduation from high school. My heart was feeling good but my spirit was sad. My body was weary from the routine of going home to an emptiness even when we all lived in the house for over 10 years together. Felt weary from pretending and grinding hard which felt like I was in a world by myself. I snapped out of the trance I was in and answered him. "The number here is…"

"No your cell phone number, what's your number. You are beautiful. I didnt know you were so beautiful. Talked to you over the phone a while ago" he repeated

"Thank you"

I froze


I was really slowly melting. Like the witch in the Wiz. I could not believe that this man had put me in such an awkward position. But I liked him too. I said, "you are a troublemaker" and he laughed while getting his pen ready. "Your number is…"

So much led up to that moment and I tried to ignore it. But the connection was too strong.

My heart felt new.

So I rambled it off. I wasn't thinking about anything but him. His eyes, his voice and the possibilities. I was shaking and extremely nervous. I remember holding my breath and looking back at the receptionist to see if she peeped any of what happened that day. She may have but I didn't care anymore. This man was 6"4, honey brown, came with a full beard, muscular broad shoulders and really a sight to look at. I was so open and ready for the unknown. He looked at me behind the mask and I looked at him. He got up and told me that he was done filling everything out. I took his papers and interrogated myself for a while in my head. What did I just do? Oh my God.

He left.

10 minutes later I received a text

It Read: What time do you get off?

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