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"10 Things To Invest in 2021 and Not Put Off Anymore in 2022!”

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

1. Uncomfortable conversations. Buckle up! Take a Deep Breath. Make that Call 📲 Mend Hearts. Purchase Your Ticket 🎫. Travel to Your Soul Mate❤️. Book Your Flight ✈️. Admit Your Shortcomings more in 2022. Drink more Humble Tea 🍵. Eat Truth Pie 🥧. Eat Together at the Dinner Table 🥗 . Reduce your Anger and Bulls@&# consumption. Your meaningful relationships are your greatest assets. Invest in your REAL friends and family in 2022

2. Apologies! Stubbornness Is Your Problem. Release yourself. Leave your unchecked Attitude and Self Centered YOU in 2021. Don’t bring those people with you to 2022.

3. Business Plan. Evict your mind from procrastination! Become Empowered. Be Steadfast and Surround Yourself with Winners. Stare at your Vision in 2022. You should be SO Annoying in pursuit of your Vision(s) that your mind creates a restraining order against everything you are planning to do!

4. Going back to School. Take more steps by connecting with more NEW words and strategies in 2022! The more positivity you intake in your mind, the more you will interpret life differently! Extract the Bullshit.

5. Your Life's Painting! 🎨 I don’t care what you heard, saw, or felt in the past, don't ignore that incomplete painting! Instead, finish what you started. Discontinue starting things with no completion date, and actually complete it!

6. Your Book! Stop waiting to begin your journey. Start writing already! There will never be a “right time”; so WRITE it now. Don’t let another year go by. Do it now. You think you have more time. You don’t. Do it now!

7. Job Search. Stop MAKING excuses. Comfortability kills Dreams. Get busy and get that promotion!

8. Your Old Clothes. Give them to someone that will appreciate it! You know you want some NEW gear! It's time for a makeover! Get some bags and DONATE to the less fortunate!

9. Doctors Appointments! Invest in your health. Self care and Health literacy are the most urgent renewals! Call your doctor and make all of your appointments, fill out for free medical insurance, Life insurance, take charge of your mind, body and soul, real life, mental stability, your physical property, bodily funds, investing in your own mental stocks. Read More Books on how to cope with change. Learn. Study. Take notes. Building Black Generational Health is your responsibility. Leave informational health trails for your legacy, not pain and health liabilities.

10. Your Nonentity List! Please point out the person(s) holding you back. Take a look in the mirror. It’s the people that you least expect! Where are those people on your Life's list, where are they going in your Life, are they adding or taking away from you? Are they talking about YOU or talking to YOU. Do they make decent decisions, are their actions resulting in grave or exceptional consequences? Is their current situation and circumstances ILL or confusing? Is it YOU or THEM!

Circle back to...and acknowledge the people, places and things holding you back from pursuing your Passion and living the life you are supposed to be living? If It’s YOU, it's time to make the change! Don’t do this to yourself in 2022. Get out of your own way. Like right NOW.



Nicole S. Norton-Evans is the Editor-n-Chief For To write for @Nowprmagazine email us at

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