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What is it about hosting events that some folks love so much? Suddenly I think of the DJ, the pressure that is immediately placed on them upon entry, the heavenly taste of good drinks, and the sublime sounds of deep chatter from the guests dying to hit the dance floor. Even before I dip past the velvet rope, there is an excitement in this case, a lasting memory of a good party usually will satisfy my girls and I for weeks if not months until the next event!

As a publicist over at PR Now Magazine covering events are similar because I love what goes into making them enjoyable–I mean, shine. To create an event that is truly memorable, impactful, and entertaining you need a blend of four key ingredients: 1. Intent 2. Coordination 3. Originality 4. Feat

Certainly, great harmony, a connecting idea, an excellent MC, or a hopeful client can make a difference, but with these four basic ingredients, we believe you can make magic happen at any party. Whether it be an all-white party or an 80s or 90s Jam.

As the title states, an amazing event is a dynamic one. But you have to be willing to put down the phone. The event’s role is to outline the type of meaningful action you may want to feature. Here are twelve suggestions for how you can unite our 3 main communications in a promotions company that nailed it with its Incredible Results.

Tip 1: Only use fliers when necessary.

Of course, there are times when a classic flier is sent out to open or close a party’s ticket sales. Just bear in mind that fliers are not the best way for partygoers to learn about an event. Here are a few ways we suggested that “All City Promotions” truly inspires and engage their audience both with and beyond fliers:

1 - Be Cool: hold off on the fliers…when they connect, their plan is to reset their audience’s attention. With a team of experts that has always been my rule of thumb. You can do this in many ways such as by asking a question or sharing a relevant emotionally compelling anecdote (secret recipe). The less we tell people, the more they remember. Trust me.

2 - Pieces: PR Now Magazine has over four editors and writers that have written over eighty articles. Their job is to help our readers understand what will work and what will not work for them. A few key promotional reps, whether internal or external, aim for diversity and will add a skilled DJ to create a dynamic and energized platform. With this element, you are headed in the right direction. (This DJ must be FIRE though)

3 -Request: give your partygoers a chance to ask their burning questions and aim to be authentic, sure, and frank in your responses. This can be especially helpful on the night of the event or do what All City Promotions promoters are known for…organizing. They will acknowledge and have a party to celebrate the CEO on Friday, July 7th. Now that’s love.

4 - Actions: this is where I noticed how organized All City Promotions is and it gave me a chance to work with them directly. My key question was how they would spend their time outside of their events. Depending on their answer this would give them enough freedom to really explore and come to new insight determining what their supporters really like. Turns out that they really do care about each and every one of the guests’ experiences. Simply by researching how their attendees felt about a past event.

Tip 2: Move!

This doesn’t mean people should get off the wall the moment they arrive. I am really impressed by the notion of not being falsely oblivious to what happens from the moment you walk into the party to the very last song, or should anyone feel obligated to thank the host even when the party sucked. What I do suggest is tapping into the potential of going back to a time when social media did not exist. We are human beings, not programs or apps. We are meant to social-LIZE in person and our brains work better when we are not scrolling all of the time. Staying in the moment shows that activity, creativity, and collaboration improve wisdom and memory retention. All City Promotions continue to show me that they want everyone in a world of tech, likes, and smiley faces to get the edge off and feel stress-free.

5 - Dance: there is a reputation with over 10 years of experience within PR Now Magazine. In other words, we are true to get our hands dirty to serve a purpose. With people routinely becoming drawn in by showing up to their events it is really impressive with the outcome.

6 – Time Machine: the honorable part is there is no 5–10-minute pitch to persuade folks to come to their events. Each event takes you back to a place where everything was innocent and free-spirited.

7 – 80s & 90s: before having an event, a meeting is held with the promotions team to break out into small groups around their favorite year in music, setting a timer and brainstorming on a pastime or music genre related to the event. My clients are then receptive to anything after this conversation.

8 - Production: having their team improvise by hiring a photographer, recording a video for editing, or being featured in alignment with the purpose of the event. Thinking of new ways and sharing it unleashes new synergy and trust within the team.

Tip 3: Make it a memorable experience.

We have seen traditional promotions companies exhibit horrible ways to bribe people to their parties with discounts and freebies. This makes the company the perfect target for people to gossip about before they even buy their first ticket. Everyone loves two things: champagne hour and the flow of the event. Here are a few ways All City Promotions will spice things up…

9 - Music: I have never seen a company show so much consistency when it comes to uniting people from all walks of life. This client finds it necessary to work on an event as though it was a SHIFT, a metaphor for “shifting” the hip-hop culture to be more efficient, connected, focused, and fun. They’ve used interactive ways by personally connecting with everyone daily. Most importantly they get back to everyone within 24 hours by asking them who their favorite artist is. This helps them to plan the next event.

10 - Cast: The cast includes the partygoers and All City Promotions. It is truly a BIG production! A memorable event includes a group of people that know their lines by heart. They do not need a queue card. Meaningful connections occur in moments least expected, like when asking for referrals during each potential sale, you ask the buyer who do they know that has not gone out in months. This person becomes an extra and they reach out to them. Literally.

11 - Simple magic: What I love about All City Promotions is they leave testimonials, notes, and videos all over the internet. A little gift related to the event has been the biggest blessing for their supporters to discover upon arrival. Partygoers dare to wear their favorite looks at an all-white party. Or an 80s or 90s party? How about a seamless singles party in the middle of a time that people are uneasy about if they are ever going to meet their soulmate? Possible outcome: a little sweat, a burst of laughter, and lots of new energy.

12 - Pauses: we all need to stop and respect the fact that our physical surroundings call us, especially after a long week or struggle to stay alert during long stretches of focus at work. There is an art to turning around a dwindling day, improving our social lives, and inspiring internal innovation is one of them. This happens when a person is offered an EXPERIENCE developed with purpose and encounter in mind. Stopping and just standing still in the center of confusion feels amazing. After attending an All City Promotions event you will leave differently than when you came in. Trust me.

It worked. Now there are over four thousand people on their mailing list, and they owe it to the four key ingredients that make events amazing: 1. Intent 2. Coordination 3. Originality 4. Feat. We hope this has inspired you even a little with how to turn up the volume on engagement and impact for your next event.

If you’d like to experience and attend an All City Promotions event email or call for tickets


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