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A DAY reserved for kids inspired and named "CHILDRENS GLOW UP Day" By the SUNSHINE KIDS

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

On this day October 20 you will remember these words, Inspiration, Amazing, Creative, Motivation, Extraordinary and Spectacular. These words will remind you of the positive energy that pushes you towards a successful day, week, month and your life! The Sunshine Kids not only inspire – they are the mouthpiece to so many rising Stars and Leaders that we have not met yet. Their voices are for those that feel hopeless and they fight for the most disadvantaged kids afraid to shine in a world of uncertainty.

October 20, 2020

TSSK will Shine Really Bright on the World, New York NY, on 20 October 2020, to celebrate 6 words for our Children's GLOW UP Day. You choose your word and walk in it, strive for better and become a better person despite the odds!

These 6 Kids Got Your Back!


Gabby Extraordinary

Aja Amazing

Kelsea Creative

Tayler Inspiration

Emperor Spectacular

Kelvin Motivation

New York, NY 20 October 2020 – Today countries, cities and communities will unite, with their words on their shirts and and their Sunshine kid glow sticks. We all will share in a symbolic commitment to creating a brighter future for all of our children, especially the most disadvantaged. The GLOW up initiative comes on the mobilization of World Children's Sunshine Day on October 20th is a day of refreshment for our historic 2020 pioneers of the world.

The worlds participating in all of our children's GLOW UP and the Sunshine Kids want to reintroduce your iconic monuments and buildings in your city! Teach our kids about children that are doing amazing things right now! Include your history and learn new words with new goals for change. We GLOW up in yellow like the sun to symbolize our children, cities will be holding kids spa events, throwback game day, free health education day and forums to focus attention on creating more healthy, child-friendly cities to ease anxiety and stress.

“We are delighted that so many children across the board are excited about participating in the Sunshine Kids GLOW UP Children's Day by throwing up their glow sticks for children as a symbol of their commitment to fulfilling the solitude for their mind body and soul,” It is a day when we can focus on how we can work together to create communities that are child-friendly where every child can play, learn and thrive where every child's voice is heard.

Host your own ZOOM SUNSHINE KIDS GLOW UP PARTY for children by representing your city with a sign designed by you, your GLOW UP Sunshine Kid Tee, a sunshine kid glow stick and tag us #Sunshine kids Glow up #Sunshinekid celebrating with the Sunshine Kids (IG: @the_sunshinekids)

Signify your commitment to creating a brighter future for all. Meet new friends and have fun.

We are so excited that you are a part of Sunshine Kids GLOW UP Children's Day which is anticipated to be celebrated in over 130 countries. It's a fun day but with an important message – we want people to know that children's voices really matter in decisions that shape our future. It is really important in 2020 during a pandemic and BLM that we focus on what really matters our children”

To help give a voice to the millions of children whose voices remain unheard, TSSK and celebrities are lending their support to Children's GLOW UP Day by having fun while staying safe and socially distance:

Here are our Sunshine Kid Videos

The Sunshine Kids Children's GLOW UP Day is a day for Children by Children – a day for children's voices to be heard and for children to take part in decisions in their communities during these tough times. Around the world, children are enjoying GLOW UP Children's Day by taking over roles in their communities for the day such as in their schools, media, business, government and sports to remind children that everything with be ok.

Families are invited to join in a fun 'kids takeover' to encourage children to participate in decision-making at home. Parents, caregivers and children can get involved through an interactive project to organize takeover activities.

For further information on GLOW UP Children's Day please Follow IG:

Photo Credit: Weltheimages


Get your SHIRTS for October 20, 2020 on September 20, 2020.

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