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A Letter From the Editor

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

When I first started my LOCS in 2010 I was fed up with everything. My hair was not cooperating, and the chemicals that I used in my hair did not assist. So, I decided that I would start fresh when I had my first child and I did! Natural, Natural, Natural was all I could think about and it was only going to happen when I was fed up. There are different phases to breakage when it comes to hair. First, its the hair salon visit. Then, its the perm + dope hairstyle. Then, its the "Oh My God, I need my hair done", then its the "Fall Out" period, then the emergency Appointment. Then I would finally get my hair done, only to start all over again. I know one thing the Pandemic taught me. Having natural hair is the most amazing feeling the world. Not only did it save me tons of money. I became a better hair braider and my daughter was a pleased customer too. In our very first Digital issue, Now PR Magazine will cover great articles geared towards simply being Natural, colorful and thankful for what you were born with! If you have great stories to share lets feature you! Submit your Article

Thank You! Nicole S. Norton-Evans Editor-n-Chief

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