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A Letter From the Editor

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Let everything that has breath and confidence live in you from this day and forever more. Give yourself what you deserve. Allow your mind to roam sometimes, if its not for you, trust me it will not be for you! Give yourself 30 seconds a day to clap, dance and praise the KING, the Almighty father for bringing you thus far.

I've had many obstacles and barriers that have only made me stronger. If you have a reason to GO, make that your MOTIVATION. If you do not...I am here for you whenever you need to speak. I don't think anyone woke up and decided to FAIL. Those decisions don't exist. Today I challenge you to thank YOURSELF for surviving and in the mist of your gratitude LOOK UP and ask for strength and mercy to continue on...

This is the CHALLENGE... 30 Days of Peace, a moment of SILENCE for yourself. No guilt. This is about YOU.

Thank You! Nicole S. Norton-Evans Editor-n-Chief

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