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"A Woman of Her Word" 💯💯✔✔

By Devon Lawrence for

Meet Nicole S. Norton-Evans. She is the founder and CEO of Brooklyn Biz Clothing USA. We have seen each other at many functions and events but we never had the opportunity to chat like we do now. With all the time on our hands Mrs. Norton-Evans is not chasing money she's chasing time. She says, "I have always believed that if you can respect time then it will always be on your side."

In the last 10 years she has accomplished quite a bit. She got married, became a mother, started a business and for peace she eliminated some people, places and things out of her life that were not good for her. She says, "I am extremely loving and caring. I can spot a fake diamond a mile away." So she makes a conscious effort to leave behind dead weight that didn't have good intentions for her or her family. The only thing that keeps this woman coming back to what she loves is simple. People.

There is a fire that always pushes her to feel like that one time will be the time when things will fall into place. When things will change or when the code will be cracked. Mrs. Norton-Evans has a motto. Stand for a condition. Stand for something that you really want to fight for. Trust me if you did you will not stop fighting for a cure or a solution. It's called never giving up on what could be something amazing and change at least one person's life. A love may not have lasted but the memories are what keeps us going and motivated for our next relationship. "I love the fact that we all can love so eloquently even when we are in pain. "A cut can only go deeper if it has not healed properly. In order for it to heal you have to clean it out, disinfect the area that could potentially become infected and place something over it that will slowly heal it back to life."

There are going to be lurkers and people around you that you don't even know are in pain. But this woman became a true believer of healing properly. In this business you must be ready for both hate and love. You need love to keep going and hate to keep going harder. They both do the same thing and result in execution. The difference is when people show you love it brings forth your ideas to create to give them more of you. When they show you hate it brings forth the fire that pushes you even when you don't have the energy left to create and execute.

She has been told by so many people how many things she could not do. But she has never heard anyone tell her how many things she could do. She had two choices: hustle with the females in her neighborhood as a teenager. Or come up with a strategy to own her own business one day. I chose the business owner idea. It took years before I started to see my tee shirt line move any numbers whatsoever. She even walked away from it a few times. She says, "It felt as If they were in a relationship". But one day when she came back and logged in she realized that it manifested on it's own. She was in shock. Mrs. Norton-Evans realized that when she walked away and forgot about her business that that's when it took on a life of its own.

"Not only will it take on a life of it's own. It will walk, talk and breathe on it's own too. Patience overrides doubt."

June 23, 2020

Now Publicity Feature🔥🔥🔥

Our June 2020 Entrepreneur of The Month!

Nicole S. Norton-Evans

Recommended Book: "Unf*ck Yourself" Gary John Bishop


You should expect more amazing shirts etc. and Nicole will be speaking at awesome events that empower black men and women. She says she has so much work to do.

Brooklyn Biz welcomes any non profit companies that need financial funding. We would like to assist in building together with other companies while we build our communities. If you're interested in having any future events to raise monies for your company we would love to help you reach your goals. We love non profits that represent our children, Cancer Research and Bell's Palsy.

Nicole credits her venture to her mother for pushing her to not only finish college. But instilling in her and her sister that whatever they want in life is achievable. Her mother came here from Guyana with $70 in her pocket and a plan. I am carrying the torch that she lit over 40 years ago.

June 23, 2020 💯💯💯💯💯

Nicole inspires so many young adults to keep going. She looks forward to seeing her Clothing in stores all over the world. But not just to wear it. But to wear it knowing that they are supporting causes that will change someone's life. "My community has struggled for so long so now the time to build them up to the point that they should never have to worry about eating or being able to afford education ever again." 🔥🔥🔥🔥

"I know how powerful encouragement truly is. It can change a person's mind about themselves and what they are capable of doing. Brooklyn Biz Clothing USA gives people the hope that they need to move forward with their vision. It gives them hunger and good Brooklyn VIBES even if they are not from there." just celebrated 5 years of being introduced to the world. We are really proud of how far we've come and look forward to many more years of growth and collaborative projects for change and humanity.

She goes on to saying, "Brooklynbizclothingusa is a feeling it's a vibe that is in motion daily. We love making a difference and money is nothing without supporting those who need it the most. Our non profit companies need us. That is where Brooklyn Biz steps in. We don't just make DOPE clothing we support causes that are making a major difference all around the United States of America."

"Our Mission is to rebuild Our Community with more programs for children of color. And change the narrative of the way our system sees color, race and gender "

"Our supporters may be afraid of change and being judged. But I am here to tell you that none of that matters when you have a great support team. Life is too short to live by the moment. You have to step into life as though you know you were born to do it!"

"We are all different. But Brooklyn Biz Chooses to be special because it is a consistent brand. It sticks to the plan and is up for the struggles that come with it. We never took a step back but stepped up in the midst of diversity, COVID-19 and doubt from so many people around us. We are strong and our Clothing line expresses the broad life struggles via music, art and purpose."

"My advice to future entrepreneurs is to set your own stage! Mingle with those that can teach you about what it is that they overcame and don't pay attention to other companies that may be doing the same thing that you are doing. The problem is there are many people out there that peep at what others are doing to steal ideas. What they don't realize is they are not you. They don't have the same heart and mind like you. So whether they steal your ideas or not people will know who the true pioneer is and would welcome a true relationship with the real ones. So stay strong and vigilant with your goals"

Brooklyn Biz Clothing USA are real people behind the curtains. They started out with a social media website that engaged business owners and shared ideas. Then they wanted to promote the company by selling T Shirts to their members at events. That was a huge success so they continued making shirts. They started making tee shirts in the house by hand. Then once the demand became bigger they branched out. Their t-shirts are unique and represent everything that our 70s, 80s, 90s babies will understand. Brooklynites' stomping grounds experienced and lived to present are diverse and went through a lot back on the day.

So many people have supported our brand she says proudly and continue to support us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But there is no greater love when we receive support from people all over the world that feel our VIBE as if they were right in front of us. They wear our shirts proudly and we love this. When they tag us in their t-shirts it brings tears to my eyes. I know they love their shirts.

Believe in the inevitable.

"We are grateful for social media. Our growth over the past year doubled and we are happy about this. We prayed a lot, nobody can tell me that God does not exist. Because that is false information."

"I am so happy for those people that believe in our brand. Without them we would not be here!!!!"

Nicole proudly admits that she is still working a 9 to 5 and doesn't think she will stop any time soon. That is what keeps me humble and connected to fashion and peoples energy. That energy is what helped to build the Brooklyn Biz Clothing line.

As we all know social media can be bad and good at the same time. If not used properly it can cause divorces and strife. If used properly you can gain a lot of beneficial things that will change your life forever! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The biggest focus right now is introducing our company to those that don't know about us. We are taking advantage of all reviews and would like anyone that ever bought a shirt from us to review our service on our FB page.

"We are what we think"

"Word of mouth is extremely important in any business. Once the word gets out that your Dope. The world will want to find out why are you so Dope Lol?"

Nicole says, "I sincerely feel that support is really important. It's worth more than money. I will tell you why. When you support someone in their business they will turn around and help you. If things go right and that person's heart is really big they will connect you and your company with the right people. So in other words their platform becomes your platform. They will be proud to bring you in because you shared their company and that led to more exposure, more sales and more opportunities on both ends. Keeping it in the community helps to build the community up to inforesable places and no one would have ever dreamed of. That's when minding somebody else's business is ok. Lol"

"I didn't have help when I started. I had lots of Nos, turned heads, scrolls that were hate filled and investments that led to zero profits. Grassroots effort would mean that I received investments from those that believed in my company. It was more roots without the grass. Lol"

"I never met anyone that wanted to sincerely promote Brooklyn Biz in the beginning. But when they realized that I was not going away they kind jumped on. We have to always remember that social media made people excessive and egotistical. So some people are focused on the wrong things. Their focus was based on how and in what way will they build themselves up. Didn't matter if you were a part of that plan or not."

Most people are not concerned with building anyone else up initially. It has to benefit them in some way and even if it does the mind is so caught up with selfies and popularity that there are some people that are willing to pass up an amazing opportunity for themselves to become successful just so they can prevent you from becoming anything at all…", she says.


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Devon Lawrence

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