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Affirmation Series, Chapter 1: "BEAUTY"

Picture her

as she struts down the runway

we can all see her

because oftentimes, we are her

beautiful, glam filled

fashioned by the most expensive coverings

that money can buy

Can you see her?

Her crown…

made with 100% Indian Remy Hair

full length cap 20”

color 1B


perfectly chiseled, arched


Do you see her?

Her eyelids…

designed with the brightest variety of

quad palettes on the market

fanciful, fun, flattering pastel shades

now, she believes that she is unspeakably gorgeous!

Her eyelashes…

must be fully saturated with the thickest coating

creamy and velvety

but, at times

she catches her second wind and decides to go completely faux

with a complete GLAM LASH; international maybe?

she wears highly durable lashes that can be reused up to 18 times.

but she is careful to make sure that she stores them properly

for each subsequent use

Do you see her?

Her face…

She starts with a lightweight fluid concealer

(because she has some flaws)

She continues with a foundation and

all of its conglomerates that provides

a wide variety of minerals,

that will give off a full coverage matte finish

that can last up to 15 hours

wonderful optimal coverage

it will contain antioxidants

and there are vegan options as well

Her Cheeks…

she chooses to use a cream base,

versatile and multi purposeful

that can be applied directly to her bare skin

or layed over foundation, moisturizer or powder.

she has so many options for beauty

Can you see her?

Her Lips…

she starts with a primer,

combined with the color impact of a lipstick,

lip sheen or lip glass

sheen supreme creates the perfect hybrid

she is almost there

Can you see her?

Trendy hoop earrings…


clenching oh so loosely.


airbrushed perfectly; bedazzled

with the most precious jewels at every tip.


dangling on her wrists

Fashionable attire…

accentuates her waist

elongated legs to please any eye

Her heels…

high enough to reach the mountain top

She tops it off with the sweet smell of perfume…

mixed with the fragrant smells of jasmine and lilies;

made with the rarest botanicals that money can buy


The most beautiful, glamorous,

fashioned woman that you have ever seen

all of her hard work has made her believe that she is

the epitome of fashion and beauty…


But at the end of the day

Her shell must come off

Because we are women of God

Fashioned by only the master designer.

You see, all of the top designers in the world can dress her

But the top fashion designers cannot fashion her;

That has already been done

“In your book were written all the days that

were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed"

long before any top designer!

“My frame wasn't hidden from you, when I was made in secret,

woven together in the depths of the earth”.

long before any top designer!

When we look at our spiritual beauty,

It is a glamor that can never be bought.

When we look at our spiritual clothes

It is a fabric that cannot be sold.

When we look at our spiritual shoes

It is made of a sole that is not man-made.

When we look at our spiritual hairstyles

The swap meet can't supply this shine

Next time we are feeling low

Down and out, wrung to dry,

Envious, jealous,

Speak these words……

God needs NO tailor or a sewing machine

HE doesn't need a backend;

He already formed our underside

HE doesn't need patchwork;

He already formed us on top

HE doesn't need that running stitch

Because He IS omnipotent and knows

Exactly how to multitask

HE doesn't need a thimble

Because there are no mistakes at all

HE IS our bobbin wire;

He holds us while we carry on

HE IS our hand wheel;

He controls our movements and turns toward us

God is our needle clamp;

He will always hold us in place

HE IS our power switch;

He gave us life and He controls our end.

God created us

And only He has the power to shape,

mold and place us on display

We are HIS mannequin of beauty

We are HIS statute of grace

Valerie Yvette Peterson is a featured writer for and has been writing for over 35 years and has performed her work in various organizations across the country. Her work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine,, Dr. Melinda Silva’s Podcast for Mental Health, Wild Sound Festival Review, Ethically ImmoralPodcast, The Numberz Radio Station 96.7,Portland Observer and many others. Her work was recently selected to appear in two Anthologies: Los Angeles Poets for Justice, published by the L.A. Poet Society Press and Moonstone Press, 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Valerie Yvette Peterson was a featured poet for the BIPOC Reading Series for Literary Arts in Portland, Oregon.

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