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Asylum: the f*@n American dream.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

What the f#*k is going on? Out of all the places to run to the asylum seekers are running straight to New York City. The hard truth is we don’t have a choice about how the global migration problem is going to affect every single New Yorker or anyone else in the world. If I'm being honest it will triple in the years to come. In other words, the entire nation is in trouble.

It feels like I am living in a nightmare and every day that I wake up I am faced with yet another testament to the never-ending busloads of migrants seeking a better life. Those who may have dreamed of growing up in comfort, with sweet childhood memories and a soft plush pillow under their heads are only evidence of how far they are willing to go for THEIR American dream. I was born here. I am an American who is a child of immigrant parents of Guyanese descent.

Wherever that information lands I still have the right to be upset. Because the migration problem is not only mine it is a call for answers from so many people across the board.

Questions with answers that we cannot fully cope with alone. I take full responsibility for my emotional ignorance but at this point, I want to find out where the hell are we going from here?

We have a few things to talk about.

First, what are their issues and why are they for running from their own country?

Second, why are they risking their lives to get out of their country, and third, why can’t the powers that be control the God damn problem before it gets worse?

Let’s face it no matter who you are, you or someone you know migrated to America at some point in your life. The difference is years ago living in America in the 70s and 80s put you in a different bracket. While growing up I witnessed a wonderful time with less tension, good music, and more love. Those immigrants were a part of the struggle, but they all stuck together in my opinion. The 70s and 80s migrants paid their dues and in retrospect blended in while enjoying all the benefits that came along with it. It’s different now.

Now who am I to want to say "IT"?

My parents became citizens years ago, but they were still immigrants too. Do they get a pass because they paid their dues and after everything that they’ve gone through in America would it be safe to say that they are a part of this so-called dream now? This so-called dream has since turned into a nightmare. They have endured trials and tribulations, witnessed a blackout, the black panthers’ movement, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X assassinations, and the many breakouts that left so many people ill without cures. But now the nightmare that I have yet to wake up from began with COVID, a three-year pandemic, asylum seekers from other countries fighting to get in, and wars beefing up around us in other countries. Things are becoming unbearable.

Am I really in a position to talk about the American dream? Or did it ever exist? The American dream has nothing to do with me or you. It falls upon those who are oblivious to what is on the other side. Some don’t even make it here, they die trying. We live here and we are trying and dying inside from all the issues that we face daily.

Furthermore, the people that we see hopping off the buses, sleeping on the streets, and staring at us when we pull up into the Home Depot parking lot, what are they waiting on? Imagine arriving at a place that is already congested. Let’s talk about that. The reality is if they do not get a hold of this, voting will be the least of our problems. There are people right here struggling to live in America already, especially after the pandemic. With the population rapidly growing we will not have enough jobs to employ everyone equally. Everyone is headed here only to find out that there is no room for them and their families. Somebody told them that it was okay to head East. Migrants will face different challenges than my parents ever did in the seventies and eighties. We are borderline losing our country and our government.

“Go back to your country.”

I said it. Other people are saying it too! Why are they saying it? FEAR. Why am I saying it? FEAR.

Will securing the border make things any better? I don’t know but It’s time to put those politicians on notice. I’m tired of feeling like I am fighting this battle alone while I yell at the television each time a new busload of migrants jumps off. This is all toxic though. Like an unhealthy relationship struggling to make it work.

I don’t want to see this blow up in our faces while some are pretending that it is not coming. We do see it coming and it is starting to feel like we are being set up. We will suffer the consequences, I’m sure. Anything that is uncontrolled could only lead to a bad divorce without a prenuptial agreement. DAMN. All we can do is pray.

God help us all.

What are your thoughts? I want to know.

Nicole Norton-Evans, a REAL person and the Editor-n-Chief for known for her love for people and her intelligent perspectives with how she views the world.

Follow her on IG (@naturalhairloveclub), TikTok (The Reality Lady), and FB (Nicole S. Norton-Evans)








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