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Bee Kind: Stop Bullying!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020


To millions of children Gaby’s story is identical; they deal with being bullied every day silently. To some the school break from their bully when the world paused was more of a blessing than a curse. They didn't have to go to school and nor did they have to deal with their bullies anymore; they felt safer, alive and clear from maltreatment…at least for now. Gaby recalls how humiliated she was when this person ridiculed her because she looked different than they did. The teasing became a part of her life and she couldn’t understand it! The bully then proceeded to mix glue and slime all over her hair and that created an ongoing issue.

The mixture dried and became very hard in Gaby’s hair causing hair damage and scalp irritation. This led to her having to cut her hair and that sent her to an entirely different space. That event changed her life forever! The bully went on to calling her more horrible slurs and words that she could not repeat in this interview. This prompted her mother to remove her from the Summer camp and she was so sad.

"Like many others I was bullied, but I found ways to turn it into something positive" Gaby smiles

CURRENT DATE: July 26, 2020 Feature

Our July 2020 Entrepreneur of the Month!

Gabby Vassor

Gaby strongly feels that bullies are children that do not know how to deal with their own hurt and frustrations within themselves. "They may need emotional support and help.” Gaby credits her mother for guiding her and making sure they have conversations by staying connected regularly. I really feel that if children had support and had more social workshops with their parents they would be able to communicate their emotions 100% better than not having those resources available to them at all.

In 2019 Gaby launched an amazing clothing line simply titled "Bee Kind"

A cute little Bee hangs on next to the logo leaving me with the impression that words and actions can really sting. Her products are so advanced that you would have to recall her age…that she is only 8 years old. Gaby’s creativity grabbed so many people’s attention including my own and you can tell she took her time developing products that will make a difference in this crazy world that we are in. From the packaging to her sales pitch she created hand sanitizers, face masks and lotions that will make you feel good about yourself and the future!

Gaby proudly says, “She wants children to feel safe and advises that if they are feeling bullied they should tell an adult or someone in authority to get help. Kids should feel safe, not scared. Bee kind makes people feel really good because I am just like them. They can connect with me." Gaby

It’s evident that kids bully based on what they see around them. If a child has older siblings or is constantly a bystander to improper behavior amid their peers they are likely to duplicate that same behavior. This can propel mixed signals to the person being overwhelmed. When a child sees someone mistreating another person. that person is unloading the wrong message. This is not what self-empowerment and self-love looks and feels like. The aggressor has a false sense of control and that doesn’t last for long. Unfortunately, the person being controlled with the mistreatment on the receiving end feels stranded especially by onlookers. Gaby is serious and really wants that senseless narrative to stop.

So she created a brand to comfort them in their time of fear. Everyone has inner fashion, everyone has self-care needs to remind themselves of how beautiful they are. Gaby traveled all over to help put an end to this horrible verve. With incredible fashion shows featuring Bee-Kind Clothing this changed the game. Her models introduced her clothing in Italy, London, Miami and so many other places.

“I've had fashion shows where I wanted everyone from all walks of life to participate and feel closer to each other. Fashion is universal and I welcome all to see beauty in people they would not normally be in the same room with. Bee Kind to Others is all I want is all I want people to be"

People are afraid of being different. They are afraid of learning and growing while living beyond their peers. Gaby’s skin care line is such a breath of fresh air. It is a combination of body lotion, vibrant shades of girlie nail polish and body moisturizer. Producing a genuine platform for kids to have a great time being comfortable with themselves and who they are. At her age she takes so many adults by surprise with what she has already done, by changing the minds of a bully and grabbing the attention of their parents. She gives aggressors many reasons to change their behavior and talk to their parents.

The "Bee Kind" brand has already reached thousands of children all over the world. Gaby’s plan is to not only Stop Victimization but she would like her brand to end homelessness too! She has been receiving support from so many people that made her aware of their own children's experiences with being bullied. She decided to take it a step further by offering masks and free gifts during her random giveaways and contests on her Instagram page. Gaby has helped so many children get over their fears of being bullied after the roughest times of their lives.

"These kids are afraid to trust anyone after going through so many bad things" she says.

Hurting others is serious and if children are not familiar with rules and boundaries they will continue to hurt other people. Starting in the home they must know the difference between being kind and being mean. The one thing that Gaby wants people to know is everyone is different and no one is the same. She includes all races, genders and special needs children in her fashion shows. This instills empathy for unique and different individuals. Friends and family have been very supportive with getting her exciting news out. She has over 2.5 thousand followers on Instagram and sells close to ten units per week.

During the pandemic she has been using this time to share and initiate platforms so parents can discuss the pain that their kids are really feeling. Learning about a child's social platforms are important. What is their behavior feeding off of? Who are they calling their friends? Are they facing pressure from their friends to bully others? Bully's can be bullied too! The problem may be that they are not keeping their kids active outside of school and meeting a much more positive group of children. So positive discipline is much more important than negative discipline. Constructive life skills and crisis management is a huge part of how children handle lifestyle issues. They acquire these lessons from their parents. That's how important leading by example is.

Name calling, harsh attacks and fighting with siblings can also contribute to a bully’s behavior as well. What is acceptable and what is not acceptable will give a child an outline of what boundaries really are. The one thing that worked for my sister and I was when my mother used to say, 'I am not pleased with what I am seeing, its unacceptable and I know you can do better. I have confidence that you will.' Wow those words were worse than being punished because I knew I disappointed her. Not only did I disappoint her she let us know that she knew what we were capable of! I wanted to make my mother proud so I did better and helped those that could not help themselves win.

Gaby reminded me of something vital. She reminded me that children have bad days too and may need someone other than their parents to discuss their feelings with. Parents can be biased when it comes to their kids, they think their kids are flawless archangels. If a child is not present emotionally parents must learn how to intercept and figure out their child’s behavior patterns. A parent should never be embarrassed or ashamed to seek help for their child if they suspect that their bullying other children. So many parents are ashamed of admitting that their child is the problem. It's time to take the next step and nip it in the bud. Ask around and find out what's going on before anything escalates if you sense that something is not right.

Sometimes a bully might just need someone to talk to. They may just need to know that someone cares about them. Arrange a meeting to discuss with teachers, guidance counselors, and other school officials who can help you identify what may have led to the bullying. If not corrected a bully can continue harassing other children. God forbid that child strikes back and wins! Should it even come to that? Success for tough guys does not come from these circumstances, only headaches and possibly crossing over in to their adult lives. Great memories will not be built, only nightmares for the oppressed child. The last thing you need is to walk into a parent conference meeting only to observe every parent in attendance wants to talk to you in private. Not sure if that is something that you’re comfortable with, but that can’t be good. Not every child handles bullying like Gaby and thank God for her resolve spirit and kind heart. She used it to motivate herself and other people! But unfortunately, some fall deep into depression!

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