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Chapter 5: Motivation and Commitment

Motivation and Commitment

I know we wish these two words meant the same thing or implied both would always be present; it does not. Motivation and commitment can be thick as thieves or two ships passing in the night. You must keep in mind that as a couple, you must work together to overcome individual shortcomings.

Internal and External Motivation

Internal motivation means that your motivation to accomplish your goal comes from within you. External motivation is when your motivation to attain your goal comes from a source outside yourself. Motivation is a feeling that inspires action. Emotionally driving us to pursue a particular result. Internal/ External motivation is a personal experience that changes and fluctuates with our emotional and physical well-being. We can not assume what motivates us would motivate our spouse.

Ask Don’t Assume

Throw the assumptions out the window and get comfortable asking and telling your partner what type of support you do and don’t want. There are places where this will be an in-depth conversation, and other times it will be a short verbal exchange before you engage in the activity. An important reminder that motivation is a feeling. Feelings fluctuate, and therefore, so does our motivation. Motivation is an ignitor, but commitment and consistency are ultimately what you need to have success.

Commitment and Consistency

Commitment to your “Why” is what you will rely on when motivation has taken the day off. If one or both of you are not invested, when the opportunity to quit arises, it will be accepted. Checking in and ensuring your “Why” is still strong is signing the renewal on your commitment to be present for yourself and your spouse. When commitment is current, consistency usually follows. Consistency will nurture the most significant changes in yourself and your relationship.

Staying committed to the process of fitness as a couple is not easy. But, as cliche as it sounds, it is worth it. Your commitment is to yourself first, your partner, and the chosen activity or endeavor. Couple fitness is the intentional work to live healthier lives emotionally, mentally, and physically with the person you love. I hope you have enjoyed this series. Best of luck on your couple's fitness journey.

Be well; you are worthy.



Dominique is a wife, mother, blogger, and avid long-distance runner. Her style of blogging centers around marriage, family, fitness, and personal growth. Dominique’s insightful and practical approach to advice gives everyday couples helpful tools to incorporate into having healthy relationships.

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