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DanceAfrica is Back, Serving Dance, Food and Culture in a BIG Way

There was a pause, now it's time to get back to dancing, drumming, vending and enjoying some good food!

After a few festival-free summers, gathering in numbers to enjoy the annual DanceAfrica event, they are back in a big way.

The available dose of street vendors and memorable events gave me chills and sent me on an emotional high. Surrounding the week-long calendar of events, it is looking a lot like 2019. Celebrations catering to the neighboring sections of Brooklyn has now reached thousands of newcomers by word of mouth.

Jumaane D. Williams enjoying the dance circle at DanceAfrica 2022. Events kicked off on May 3 and my family and I had the pleasure of enjoying a fun filled day at the event since it was forced to pause 2 years ago due to COVID-19. Happening until May 30 there were a variety of things there for all ages to enjoy. I met people who blessed me with their images, and I reconnected with folks that I have not seen in years.

Put it like this, if you wanted a good ICE lemonade drink or an adult beverage, there was something there to suit everyone's taste. Great food, dance, custom-made jewelry are all home for veteran vendors and performers. In fact, when we arrived we noticed that many DanceAfrica regulars had already racked up with beautiful leather bags, sandals and handmade pieces that you couldn’t buy anywhere else. It brought back so many memories, back to when my mom, sister and I would scope out the festival after leaving the performance at Brooklyn Academy of Music.

We all have been fighting the pandemic hustle and the hunger to dance, laugh and converse with friends again. Well, there are plenty more places to party in Brooklyn for the Summer so get ready to raise the roof off this...

Nicole S. Norton-Evans is a social media influencer, publicist and the Editor-in-chief for PR Now Magazine.

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