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"Dear Black Women"

by George Myrie for

"We love you... When I say "we," I'm talking about Black Men. Believe it or not, we really do love you dearly!!! Often you are our guiding lights, our place of salvation when the word has come down on us and our voice of reason when something gets us riled up. Although we may not say it often (because we have a load of our own issues we've been dealing with), we love you, we cherish you and the ground you walk on. Why? Because, You've birthed us, you've been their for us and you've stuck by us through tumultuous times.

I'd also like to say I'm sorry that you don't feel loved, sorry that you feel neglected and/or misunderstood. I know saying "sorry" doesn't change that fact that you feel this way, but I'm saying I'm sorry because we (black men) are partly to blame for that! Deep down inside some of you ladies feel as though you are on your own, without anyone in your corners and neglected by many. Therefore, I'm sorry for all the Black Men that has walked out of your lives when you needed it the most. I'm sorry for all of the men you've had to deal with that left your children fatherless. I'm sorry that you feel we are unreliable and that accountability is nonexistent.

I'm sorry for the disrespect that you endured just walking home from work. I'm sorry for asshole that molested you. I'm sorry for the degenerate that raped you. I'm sorry for the prick that didn't give you the raise you've worked oh so hard for. I'm sorry for the jackass that couldn't step to the plate. I'm sorry for the idiots that made fun of your skin that's rich with melanin. I'm sorry for all the fools who thinks it's ok to touch your hair. I am sorry! You may think we don't get it, but some of us really do! I know this may fall on deaf ears, but just know that at least one black man you know has said this to YOU!

Black women, I hope this message finds you well and know that we/ I LOVE YOU!


George Myrie on behalf of Most Black Men

Fellas, please tell the ladies how you feel because we're in this together and they need to hear it from us..."

- George Myrie

Special correspondent

George Myrie


by George Myrie

2020, The Black Hedge Fund Group

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