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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If the love for bringing people together is your guide, prepare for the new normal. In the midst of planning and jotting things down for future reference the world went into the biggest pause that disengaged control but provoked images that will live in our minds for years to come. Restrictions poured in from different directions leaving most people scrambling for bread literally.

Money is bread in hood terms. But the world went into a disarray when they realized they had to get ready for the biggest whirlwind of their lives. During the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918, panic combed the nation. According to deaths reached an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. all around the world. Similar to what is happening in 2020 COVID-19 prohibited mass meet ups and gatherings from taking place; causing disorder and panic once again. The age group most affected were between 30 and 65 and communities of color suffered highly. Social gatherings became a thing of the past overnight. But we found a company that put an end to the chatter chatter…a company that turned things around immediately.

...In walks the S2N Tour & Travel Group

"Make sure the customer walks away happy" even during a time when things dont feel normal.


When the pandemic subsided, people rushed to regain their sense of equilibrium and normalcy: While Americans had proved remarkably compliant with health officials’ initial demands, they were reluctant to keep those restrictions on their lives — even as many communities faced a subsequent wave of the illness S2N played it safe, did their research and changed the way the world viewed social events.

What's more important was it seemed like the owner of S2N Tour & Travel Group, Michael jiggetts prepared for this way before it even went down. We know this because we researched him and his company. His tactics are genuine, fun and pure. When it comes to making people smile this company takes living your best life to another level! Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn New York Mr Jiggetts began his journey a few years ago after he worked for a company that hosted ski trips and getaways. That is where he developed a passion for bringing people from all walks of life together! Tons of activities and surprises every year.

The creative force behind his new plan was the ultimate blueprint for this pandemic in the years that followed. He immediately revamped and decided that people need people to survive. With so many people suffering from losing loved ones, depression and uncertainty he turned things around immediately. So this is not the end. He just did something that no other event company did. He didn't panic and embraced social distancing! The world should not have to fan the pandemic but trust the process!

Mr. Jiggetts makes it very clear that he is at an age where he himself does not want to party every weekend but just enough to feed the body with DOPE music and good food is enough. A little day trip or a weekend getaway is just what people need in 2020. His events are inexpensive, safe and well thought out. I’m sure people 30-60 years of age feel the same way. So he created a variety of social distancing themed packages that eliminates anxiety and fear to travel.

CURRENT DATE:10-30-2020


Our October 2020 Entrepreneur of The Month!

Michael jiggetts

Twitter: S2NTours&TravelLLC (@s2ntours)

Mr. Jiggetts credits his children for inspiring him to continue on with his passion. He makes sure everyone on his staff are following protocol by wearing their mask and exercising universal precautions while practicing social distancing while being conscience of the count and limits of the amount of people they confirm for each event.

"Would Like Everyone to Have Fun and not spend an arm and a leg "

The best part about the S2N Tour & Travel Group is Word of mouth, and social media has been a huge part of getting the word out. Mainly because no one is going out anymore. Fortunately, things have been picking up for Mr. Jiggetts. He says, a good review goes a long way. if we don’t start supporting each other who else will, he continues.

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