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Diddy Shows Off His Dance Moves While Backstage With Usher

Usher and Diddy's working relationship dates back to the early 1990s when the legendary Atlanta singer was still just a teenager, and although it was largely considered a flop that could have put an early end to his career, Usher's self-titled debut album was actually executive produced by the Bad Boy Records founder.

Almost three decades later, both artists still maintain love and respect for each other, and this weekend, that was especially evident because Diddy made a surprise appearance at Usher's ongoing Las Vegas residency on Saturday night.

During his latest Las Vegas concert, Usher made headlines once again for inviting his close collaborator on stage with him. Together, they performed hits like "I Need A Girl," and at one point, both Diddy and Usher even show off some well-executed choreography. Apparently, Diddy was practicing really hard prior to the show because footage from DJ Akademics shows him and Usher dancing around backstage prior to the show.

While it doesn't look like Diddy's moves during his quick backstage dance break made the final cut for the actual performance, it's still good to see the Hip-Hop mogul in such great spirits. See Diddy's dance moves below.

Usher has also commented on the momentous occasion and revealed how much Diddy's appearance meant to him. In a recent post to Instagram, the Confessions artist wrote, " Big Bruh @diddy came through reminded Vegas what this is … real Day 1. 2 Kings!! He crowned me! That meant the world to me Love. [crown emoji x2] We rock together for life!! Til the wheels fall off. BadBoy for life!!"

Check out Usher's post about the night as well as footage from their performance together below.

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