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Gospel Singer Kelly Price Missing In Georgia, Family Accuses Boyfriend Of Blocking Them from Her.

Kelly posted a video on July 29, revealing that she has a COVID and is suffering from symptoms. According to Kelly’s family … she was admitted to the hospital about a week later and ended up in the ICU because her condition deteriorated.

Her family talks to TMZ … they contacted Kelly while she was in the hospital in early August, and her children visited her several times. But three weeks after she was hospitalized … her children were said to have received a call that she had been discharged. It was amazing because she was clearly not yet completely healthy.

The family told Kelly that Kelly hadn’t been contacted since then, and they told police officers that her boyfriend was preventing friends and family from visiting her home. This is said to be related to many people near Kelly, and last week some warned authorities to perform a welfare check.
Currently she is officially considered missing and is said to have active research to find her. Singer Kelly Price is missing in Georgia after the COVID battle.

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