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Hansel Enmanuel, 16-Yr-Old Is Taking The Basketball World By Storm.

Growing up in Santo Domingo, he tragically lost his arm after becoming trapped beneath a fallen wall at the age of 6. After two long hours, he was finally rescued, but the bulk of his limb was too far gone and had to be amputated.

Sixteen-year-old Hansel Enmanuel is one of the latter!

Some people view physical disabilities as an insurmountable challenge, while others see them as an opportunity.

The young Dominican Republic native is now an internationally recognized high school basketball player. Unlike most of his peers, Hansel has just one arm.

Hansel chose not to see the accident as a tragic loss but rather as a life lesson that God exists. He transformed his new reality into a rare gift, and his determination and sheer talent have paid dividends!

Despite all the recognition he’s received, Hansel remains true to his ultimate goals: to be the best athlete he can be and to make his family proud!

He says, “To be successful, it only takes two things, the favor and grace of God.”

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