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Hello all my makeup & skincare lovers!!💋

I just wanted to tell everyone I have just became a Personal Online Beauty Advisor with BeautyTap.

Think of BeautyTap like a Sephora with global brands from Korea , Africa, France and other countries.

This is the first of its kind where a beauty company is offering real beauty advisor for even online shopping.

I’am now able to find everyone’s personal skincare needs with video consultation, education & special events.

You will need to :

1- sign up on

2- **this is very important **

follow me as your FIRST BEAUTY ADVISOR

My username: makeupbytoni215


Follow the link below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

To pamper you at check out I will give you :

Exclusive Deluxe Gift Bag

(no code is needed, you must have followed my advisor profile as a first follower to receive)

Use Code: BAfirstorder at the end of check out for a one time Full Size Gift 🎁 💝

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