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I'm Listening to My Ancestors and It Feels Good!

During the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve been strongly thinking about my ancestors and what they've experienced during their lifetimes. I’m fortunate that my dreams and visions have been sending me pictures and flickers of what I need to be doing RIGHT NOW for focus and direction.

· First to eliminate all distractions

· Second to detect those that don't mean well

· Third to decipher if their questions are for information or just to be nosey

Being able to see beyond what is visible on this earth came from the ability to bond with my inner being dating back to when I was a 7 year old child and learning how to trust the process. It has since been rewarding once the mission was revealed. I can see the resemblance between myself, my dad and my mother, they made me. So I am growing stronger in their favor and who came before them. I have been feeling the presence of my ancestors over the past 2 years stronger than ever before.

These private conversations with my ancestors and internal adjustments are helping to bring the people that mean so much to me together. I am very aware that I am not doing this alone, it is beyond my control. I don't seek to question, I seek to build and do what I came here to do. I feel their struggles in the shapes of my remaining family members and they connect with mine. As I hear of their challenges, I gain strength from their beautiful human faces and the need to live out loud beside them. I know that we need each other now more than ever; we are connected by our ancestors. We will soon learn and share the many struggles and sacrifices that our ancestors encountered during their time on this earth. That in itself will assist us all in our growth as human beings today and forever more. I am looking forward to it.

Thank you.

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