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LAUGH OUT LOUD- Now PR Poetry In Motion

Updated: Jan 7

I got jokes. The ones that make you cry laughing. I get anything I want as long as I make you laugh.


I don’t care about what you have, drive, where you live, or how much you love yourself; I am not here for anything else but to make you laugh. It’s all about you.


Shit, I was told I should be a comedian, but I always shot that shit down. What do you think, I'm here for your entertainment. I am here to make you laugh because it will make me feel better.

I'm not getting paid to make your ass laugh for you to have a good day. Man, I have a life too, I have my problems!


I have so much on my plate and need a break from your happiness. I don’t have anyone to confide in and don’t know who can help me get through it. So, I chose you to dump all of my fears, tears, and insecurities on.


I lost myself along the way.

I don’t have that person who can give me directions without putting me down in the same breath. I don’t know one person that will listen to my struggles! Can anyone save me from this rollercoaster that I’m on right now? I don’t see things changing. When will my break come… as long as I can keep you laughing, I will be able to hold on a little longer. turn will come and when it does, I pray that you are still laughing as hard as you are now.


They keep saying that everyone has a turn, right? When will it be mine? WHEN? Oh... I’m not that comedian, the one who can cheer you up when you’re sad or make you feel better with a side of pancakes.


Because I don't hop! Get it IHOP, I’m tired of you using me for your selfish reasons. What do you think I am, a fucking clown? Your comedian?

Listen, I am going to stay away from you and find someone who can help me out of this emotional hell hole. I want to live and I love and laugh hard just like you. But please don’t mistake me for a fool. I have my eyes on you, you're cut off from my good news. I want this feeling forever. Find somebody else to drain. I’m laughing too without you. I learned my lesson. You were just as selfish as I was.

Pay Attention the world is changing, people are using folks to feel better.

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