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Netflix’s ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Starring John David Washington and Zendaya Sets February Premiere

Netflix has set an awards season launch of Feb. 5 for Sam Levinson’s drama “Malcolm & Marie,” starring John David Washington and Zendaya.

Netflix is also planning an Academy Awards campaign for the black-and-white film, which it bought for $30 million during the TorontoInternational Film Festival in September following a screening. “Malcolm & Marie” stars Washington as a filmmaker and Zendaya as his girlfriend, with the film focusing on their return home from a movie premiere and a discussion about their past relationships.

The film was shot at Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House in Carmel, Calif. The production team said in September that it went to great pains to keep the set in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols and gain the approval of Hollywood unions.

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