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Roxanne Shante Tearfully Shares Harrowing Story of DMX's Childhood

Roxanne Shante is joining the list of celebrities who have shared their memories of DMX following his passing. But instead of remembering their good times together, the rap legend has opened up about her bond with her late friend over their similar experience of being abused as a child.

Making use of Instagram, the Queen-born artist posted a video on Friday, April 9 to pay tribute to the 50-year-old star. The former member of Juice Crew couldn't hide her emotion throughout the approximately 8-minute clip as she shed tears as soon as she began her story.

"This is one of the most serious things that I've ever said, maybe even one of the most emotional and personal things that I've ever said," she said with trembling voice. "It has to do with DMX and what he had went through. This is not what somebody told me, this is what he said to me," she noted.

Roxanne shared what DMX had allegedly told her, "When he was younger, his mom had took him to a children's home and said that they was just going to visit and she left him there. She took him there and she left him there." She added that as a child, DMX was "too little to defend himself" and "too little to take care of himself," but he did it anyway."

She then compared DMX's experience to hers, claiming, "I know what it's like to run the streets, sleep on the train, sleep in the hallways, tried to sleep at friend's houses. Have people say you can come stay at they house and they brothers would come try and mess with you or even they fathers and uncles and s**t."

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