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Sean ‘The Pen’ Garrett talks about Hey Young World record label, ‘Looking for Artists:

This guy is currently looking for NEW talent!

Sean “The Pen” Garrett chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about his new record label “Hey Young World,” the “Looking For Legends: Talent Search” in partnership with iHeart, and working with Summer Walker on her new album, which will be out this fall.

“I am very very excited about it,” he said about Hey Young World. “It’s a new label that is focused on finding the best young superstars in the world that are all diverse. They have great talent but need guidance to help them develop. We are signing some dope young artists. It’s an exciting time.”

He shared that “Looking For Legends: Talent Search” will also be “really incredible.” “We are definitely excited for so many different reasons,” he admitted. “It’s not only urban music, it’s also pop, country, rhythmic, and Latin. It’s a wide range of opportunities for artists from all different genres.”

Garrett is passionate about giving back to the next generation and teaching, inspiring, and lifting up the next wave of artists and performers, and that is why he created Hey Young World and the reason for launching the talent search.

He is looking forward to Summer Walker’s new album that will be released in the fall. We just finished the tracklisting for Summer Walker’s new album last night,” he said. “It is really amazing,” he foreshadowed. “I am so proud of this project and I am so happy to work with her. She is such a dynamic artist. It was a lot of fun, it’s a monster album.”

For young and aspiring producers and songwriters, he said, “First and foremost, you need to define yourself. You need to really work your tail off, and you need to know your stuff.

Your hits will define you to a certain extent. You need to have a thick skin and be strong enough to withstand a lot of the criticism that comes with the game. You need to stay strong especially in adverse times. Who knows? You may end up becoming one of the greats.”

Garrett defined the word success as contentment in life.” “Success means being happy with yourself and being excited about what you do,” he said. “Life is short so try to do something that makes you happy. The last two years have been a trying time for so many families. I enjoy being able to change people’s lives and being able to give back to my community, and helping artists to learn more about themselves

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