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Serena Williams Ups the Ante By Speaking Out

"I would probably be in jail if I did that" - Serena Williams calls out double standard after Zverev incident

Williams had clashes with umpires in her career and some of them were quite strong. Her clash with Carlos Ramos during the US Open final against Osaka is widely known but she always felt that there is a double standard in tennis in terms of the behaviour of players. She always called out that male tennis players were allowed 'more' on the tennis courts when it comes to emotions.

In a recent interview with CNN, she doubled down on that. Speaking to Christiane Amanpour Serena admitted she has a fierce personality:

"It's just my personality. It's not so much about cracking (individually) it's more so about passion and it boils down to your personality. I am who I am on the court and off the court. Very passionate about what I do."

Turning her attention to the Zverev incident and generally the difference in treatment between men and women in tennis:

"There is absolutely a double standard. I would probably be in jail if I did that, like literally, no joke. You see that when you see other things happen on the tour. 'If I ever did that...hmm' but it's okay."

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