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STeP OuT FRoM BehiNd tHe CuRtaiN

As this third installment of my Recovering from Mistakes and Bad Choices series stretches your minds further about mental health, addictions, and balancing the beams while living one day at a time is yet another mustard seed of hope that I pray finds you all mentally and spiritually astute. We’re going to focus on “Stepping Out from Behind your personal Curtain” when living in recovery from any addiction. There has to be a time when you come from behind the curtain and onto the stage with no fear of being happy about who you are and where your life is taking you in sobriety or clean from a troubling addiction. This is probably one of the difficult things to address as you grow and navigate your new life in recovery.

However, it’s an important step to overcome, this “stage fright” or the mind telling you to run and hide. Whispering you’re not ready for prime time on Broadway or off Broadway or off off Broadway. When it’s just your mind trying to keep you in the hamster wheel, convinced that all you try, ends up failing.

There will always be a time to learn and evolve during recovery. But there is also a time to celebrate your recovery. This is when you need to step out from behind the curtain, grant yourself the joy, the happiness, the well needed calm, and peace that you deserve as a reward for all your hard work. You will know what I mean when you get there, trust me. You see, we all fear things because unfortunately that’s how we are programmed. However, fear is not always all bad. 

Fear has a reverse psychological side to it, because on the other side of fear lies the solution and victory that some would never get to without first experiencing fear. In my experience, I’ve had to convince myself to be happy, be confident, be accepting of my reality that I’m clean and sober way to often and why? Again, the programing of our minds tells us not to be humbly proud of our accomplishments in recovery. How can you feel joy when you’ve hurt so many? How can you expect to be forgiving when you can’t forgive yourself?

What lies ahead when you can’t get past what lies behind? These questions will haunt you, not just if “You” allow them too but because of our programming. These are hardships that keep us captive behind our own personal curtain, locked in that dark room called “our mind.” These chains can be broken, this programming can be changed by faith. Believing in your strengths that can’t be swayed by old habits, friends, the workplace, family members or foes. Some things are easier said than done. But who says we can’t win over our personal demons. Who says we can’t get up from being knocked down. Shake off that failure and dominate that track of try again until I get it right? Who told you, you’re nothing and will always be nothing and we are supposed to let that dictate our lives as ending up as nothing? Why should we give such a power to another human? NOT ME I say NOT ME! Not another minute not another second not another day. I am a winner; I win that’s what my story will read. I have hope in the promise of recovery. So, until next time #Be it! #Do it! #LiVe it! #Learn it!


About the Writer

The often fun, high-spirited, comedic, music producer, songwriter, and Ex-Dancer of the Iconic Super Star Queen Latifah is now the founder of Free Your Soul Publishing LLC based out of the United States Virgin Islands. Bobby Tamir aka Kreata is a Harry Fox Agency Publishing Affiliate, ASCAP member, Music Producers Guild UK member, AIMP (Association of Independent Music Producers) member, Sync Community, and has multiple music catalogs up on Disco (a place for music and media).

From a youth, he’s played multiple instruments in school and church from clarinet, flute, trombone, baritone, and drums. But as time goes so do we evolve taking us into the digital performance era of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) and Cubase Pro 12 is my g for all my musical productions load up an instrument and Go! A far cry from his first home studio project, starting out with just a double cassette deck, record player, hundreds of records, 8 track Tascam board, Gemini digital sampler, and Yamaha keyboard. By middle school, he attended the “Newark Boys Chorus School” where he learned the educational aspect of musical training as well as the opportunity to perform a diversified repertoire that includes traditional classical music, spirituals, folk music, and jazz throughout the East Coast and a performance at the renowned Carnegie Hall which was a concert sung in Japanese and was an extraordinary experience. For almost 4 decades as an underground independent artist, he helped form Hip Hop groups such as “Fascinating Two”, “High Tech MCs” and the well-known East Coast MMF group.

In 1986 he began to appear in music videos like “The Bridge is Over” by BDP and “Soul Sisters” by Finesse & Sequence” as well as “Push it” by Salt and Pepper not as a producer or lyricist but as a dancer. Although dropping lyrics and making beats is his numero uno, his versatility allowed dancing to become a creative outlet. In 1988 the queen of rap, “Queen Latifah” handpicked him and his dance partner of Co-Wilden dancers to be her stage presence and combined with Fab Five Freddy to co-choreographed dance scenes in “Queen Latifah’s” “Dance for Me” video and also did choreographing for her future stage presence the Jungle Girls. His friendships with Da La Soul, Jungle Brothers, and Latifah helped open up more street notoriety for this Detroit Born but East Orange, N.J. raised native Bobby Tamir launched “G-King Productions “and in 1993 while in New York with one of his mentors, Steven A. Tucker a.k.a. The STR180 of the MMF group came across “Survival Sounds” a live band that was promoting their album on the streets in the West Village Manhattan. These two groups blended and began recording in their Brooklyn studio and performing live shows with the band until 1999. The two groups recorded one album with a Japanese company called Felissimo titled, “The Sounds of N.Y.” It was the year 2000 the millennium was here and his production moved to South Florida where he met and began to produce local artists like “Ace Ron” and “Trappa Jon”, from Overtown and Liberty City, the entire trio transitioned to the Atlanta Area where a humble female artist named “Tricee” from West Lafayette Indiana joined the team and by 2005 released a double CD “Only God Knows” and “The Stellarship Live”

By 2006 a courageous jump to St. Thomas U.S.V.I. was made and his first-ever music recording studio was set up. For him this was a dream come true, he would often quote God’s timing is the best timing.

After putting together an extensive catalog of beats and conscious lyrical content this seeming hobby turned into embracing his calling. There was a gift a message that needed to be relayed and broadcasted to the world that God chose him to be a messenger of so in 2017 began his first ever Urban Christian Hip Hop Album titled “UNVEILING MYSTERIES” that was released in 2019 with innovative songs like “Take a Deep Breath” “Buried iN HaZe” “iT’s BeeN GoD ALL ALonG” and other hits that bring out a message for many to relate to and be encouraged by. “UNVEILING MYSTERIES” gives people with no hope, hope that you can achieve anything when you believe and work for it! One Day at a Time.

Bobby Tamir is amazing natural light 💡 that moves.

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Spot on article. inspired me to want more out of life. I have been clean for 14 months and I can relate to this on a much deeper level. Thank you!

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