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The Lorraine R. Braxton Transformation Scholarship

The Lorraine R. Braxton Transformation Scholarship is a program intended to recognize Young Ladies of Color who have or are transforming their lives. These are Young Ladies who have faced severe adversities, whether it be homelessness, drug addiction or worse. We are looking for Young Ladies who have/are doing everything in their power to change their circumstances and the lives of others.


  • The Candidates will write an informal letter, in the letter I would like to know the following:

  • Who are you? Tell me a little about yourself. Your family, upbringing, foundation.

  • What are some of the obstacles you have faced or are facing. What are you doing or have you done to overcome those adversities?

  • What are some of your dreams, goals and aspirations? What are you doing to make them reality?

  • What do you do to uplift yourself and more importantly, what do you do to uplift others?

The address and contact number of all Candidates shall be included in the letter. I would also require references and ways to verify all info is accurate and truthful. Social media contacts are also important along with permission to use their image and letter on our sites and archives.

If for some reason the Candidate wishes to keep Her letter anonymous, she can express that on the top left corner of the first page of the letter. Private and personal information shall be kept private and personal. Her wish to keep the letter anonymous will have no bearing on her chances to win.


Deadlines for ALL Contenders will be no later than 09/19 11:50PM. ALL nominees will have up until 10/01 to submit their letters. Judges will be sent each letter 10/02. All letters read and return decisions by 11/02 boy judges. Any verification or reference checking should be concluded by 11/15.

Any Candidate who does not provide any requested information will have forfeited their chance of winning. This will be done only to keep the integrity of the Scholarship as high as we can and to avoid any fraud. Judgments rendered and Winners announced no later than 12/01. Awards dinner, if possible will be held on 01/09 at a voted on (by judges) location.


  • Until further notice or review, the Lorraine R. Braxton Transformation Scholarship will be as such...

  • Two Young Ladies will be the Recipients of the Scholarship.

  • Runner Up will receive $500.00 (until we are able to grow and give more).

  • First Place will receive $1,000.00 (until we are able to grow and give more).

Both Young Ladies will receive a piece of Jewelry (from my Mother’s collection if possible).

Both young Ladies will receive an original piece of Artwork.

The Awards dinner as stated above will be held on 01/09. We would prefer to hold our dinners at a Black Owned establishment. Until further discussion, we will try NOT to hold it in a Private residence, though that can be amended at a later date.

At the Awards Dinner, the Guest list should primarily consist of powerful Women of Color. From Artist to Activists, Doctors, Lawyers to Custodians.

The winners should be flanked by Women who look like them that are doing great things in their lives as well as the community.

EVERY guest should have a gift bag *(seek sponsors). As we grow and expand we will honor one of our guests with The Lorraine R. Braxton Inspiration Award.

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