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[VIDEO] Kandi Burruss’ 72-year-old mom gets butt treatment in new Bravo series

The ATL has never been peachier!

In the trailer for Kandi Burruss’ new Bravo reality show, “Kandi & the Gang,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s 72-year-old mother, Joyce Jones — better known as “Mama Joyce” — grins as she prepares for an apparent butt treatment.

Looking at Mama Joyce’s nearly bare bottom as she lay on a medical table, Burruss, 45, can’t help but comment on the beloved TV matriarch’s backside.

“That booty look right for 72!” the proud daughter enthuses in the clip.

But “Kandi & the Gang” — Burruss’ latest spin-off for the network after “The Kandi Factory,” “Kandi’s Wedding,” “Kandi’s Ski Trip” and “Xscape Still Kickin’ It” — isn’t all cosmetic procedures and compliments.

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