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(VIDEO) Never Before Seen Interview of Hip Hop’s legendary DJ, Jam Master Jay

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Television Producer/Media Maven Tonia ‘Gradygirl’ Grady, scores bigtime, when she discovered a lost tape of her never before seen interview of Hip Hop’s legendary DJ, Jam Master Jay. Two decades ago, she went beast mode when a ...’we only have time for one question’ interview with the hottest DJ in the game turns into full on state of affairs on the future of Hip Hop music. Jam Master Jay opened up about the culture, rap music, and whether or not Will Smith was a sell out or not. To see the entire interview go to

Jam Master Jay's best interview ever scored by Tonia Grady aka Gradygirl! The world's most loved DJ, Jam Master Jay talks about the future of Hip Hop, the culture...

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