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We Asked Men: What Was the Creepiest Thing a Woman Ever Did to Them! (We Chose the Best Answers)

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

For so many men they are dealt a different hand with a variety of different women that they are dating.

Find out how they were treated when things just did not go the way they planned.

D.p. Alexander

Kiah Johnson

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"So the young lady and I dated for 2yrs, we broke up... but you know when your mother likes an old GF she can do no wrong smh …

She needed her computer fixed. I wasn’t trying to do it but my mother stated that she needs help go help … smh so when I get there ( the computer was in her bedroom) I told her I’ll fix it but you need to stay out of the room ….. she agreed … ( after an hr ) I thought maybe we were good and she finally moved on ( FYI she used to visit my mom and sis to hide in the basement and wait for me to get home from work at 3-4 in the morning)

So I thought we were good .. I fixed the PC and as I stepped outside the room there she was naked waiting for me !!! I’m like WTF 😳 so I tried to run passed her towards the door and she continued to cut me off while trying to make me touch her...screaming take this back and she needs me …. Mannnnnnn it took me 2hrs and a lot of talking to get out of there … I ran down linden Blvd all the way home. I told my mother never again no matter how much I love you NO...

I must say men go through so much. Women need to understand that its not just them that have relationship nightmares. Men just hide them better.

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