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Women who continue to persevere!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Noemi, 40's, Med student, Mother, loves her family, Crohn's disease survivor, New York, named our June 2020 Profile of Women who continue to persevere!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 by Nicole S. Norton-Evans

Sunday June 28, 2020

Introducing Noemi, the owner of a company with a purpose.💯💯💯💯

"If you have a pulse you have a purpose", says Noemi. This woman is a woman that inspires. Take this trip with me. 💯

The discovery. 💯 "What I have discovered about myself is it’s never too late to learn new things and know who you are. At an early age I knew that I wanted to enter the medical field but wasn’t a big fan of western medicine because of all the side effects, so my mother tried her best for a long period of time to ease our ailments with natural herbs and remedies. So about 6 years ago I was no longer in remission from my illness and didn’t want to take anymore pharmaceutical medicines.


I decided to do some research on Eastern Medicine and came across the healing powers of natural stones and herbs. That is when I decided to create some of my bracelets for self healing and taking herbal teas and get acupuncture to ease my ailments. With my new self discovery I went back to school to further my education in Alternative Medicine and Holistic…

The Healing. 💚

...When I saw what I was able to do for myself with my bracelets and holistic beliefs and energy I decided I should share this with others. I refuse to create anything for anyone if I’m not in a place that isn’t offering positive energy. What I admire about myself is that I was able to go back to school in my 40s and graduate with honors and will be furthering my education to be able to provide natural and holistic help to others."

"I want to be self made based on my personal experiences" 💯

June 29, 2020 Brooklyn Biz Feature 🔥🔥🔥 Our June 2020 Profile of Women who continue to persevere Noemi Calderon IG: TWITTER: @Noemi31706524

Noemi is currently in the process of creating a Zerenity Body Butter line along with her bracelets that are made of real stones.

Follow her to be the first to try her Zerenity Body Butters.💯💯💯

"My wife and son inspired me to follow my path. However, when I took ill a few years ago with a severe flare up of Crohn’s Disease I needed to find a path that led me towards a more peaceful way of living. That’s when I started eating clean, practicing yoga and learning more about natural stones. 💯💯💯

June 29, 2020 "As the founder of Zerenity Designs by Noemi I have helped many of my customers to achieve peaceful alignment within themselves and their immediate surroundings. Many of my clients have told me that they have felt my positive energy in their stones they have purchased from me." 💯 "Besides the synergy you can feel when wearing them they are also fashionable and I also make custom bracelets to your personal needs or wants" 💯 Noemi will have her very own website up and running soon but in the meantime she has social media pages to help promote all of the beautiful items. She is looking forward to growing her IG page to promote the line. 💯 "The bracelets I create are intended to provide peace and positive energy. I also recommend not to let anyone else touch your personal bracelets because I’m a big believer in energy and don’t want anyone else’s energy to be placed on the stones that were intentionally made for you. The Body Butters that I am creating benefits all skin types and helps a lot of people that suffer from eczema and dry skin as well. The body butters never leave your skin feeling greasy, the oils are so pure that your skin absorbs it in like butter." 💯 "I want everyone to feel balanced and to feel great about themselves with the products I offer."

"I believe that they might be afraid of using a product that isn’t well known or with a big following."

Noemi makes sure that each product she creates is made with pure intention for the individual that has ordered it. She only creates when she is in a good space. 💯 "My body butters are all made of natural and organic oils and butters. I would not sell or promote anything that is not vegan and safe for the environment. I not only sell my products I use them as well." 💯 Thes best part about this company is...intimacy. I love energy myself so when I first met Noemi we clicked! I felt the love so I know this journey will be amazing! Noemi says, "I have a close circle of friends that spread the word and share my items online via social media. Word of mouth really works. I also have followers on FB and IG that has seen my stones and ordered them from me directly." 💯 "These timeless pieces resemble my love for Life, Family and Unity." 💯 Even though Noemi feels that the brand has not blossomed as much as it should have. She is still maintaining the balance Between full time work, and being a full time student while caring for her family. She feels that it has made it a bit difficult to dedicate all the time it deserves, but after interviewing her I already know that this company will touch the hearts and souls of people all over the world. 💯

💯 Noemi worked for corporate America for many years and feels that its time to follow her passion. She went back to school and got her Bachelors of Science in Alternative Medicine and is starting back this fall for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her plans paused due to Covid-19 but she is determined to finish what she started.

Noemi is continuously promoting her brand on both Instagram and Facebook. 💯 "I am promoting it via social media and friends."

"This is quote that belongs to our dear Maya Angelou and I have read it to mybuself so many times to help me to keep going forward. 'My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.' ”

Noemi proudly says "When you have a good product and have happy customers they tell others about your product and your services."

With all that is happening we need to strengthen our communities financially. Noemi continues and says, "Support provides more opportunities for the Black Community and financial growth for us." 💯 Noemi invested her very own money to slowly start our business.

She says she has friends with amazing platforms to promote the business and currently she has been posting on the Brooklyn Biz page via Facebook which has also helped increase my followers. 💯 "I honestly can say that the community has not fully supported my work but fortunately for the few that has it has expanded outside of the community." 💯 Her love for people is amazing! She feels that Supporting and Respecting each other makes a BIG difference in any business. 💯 Her products and services are found on Instagram @zerenitydesignbynoemi and on Facebook @ Zerenity Designs by Noemi


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