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Updated: Jan 7

This is a New High I’m on its so potent, my mind is in an existence I never thought it could ever be in

It’s called…

“Peace of Mind”

I’m seeing colors more clearly.

Yea colors are all bright, orange, red, blue.

All my Chakra colors are all connected to a spirit within…

…yes, child let me tell you it’s no more darkness or any gray areas over here.


I’m shocked that I can even speak about it.

Yes, I’m using my voice…now check this out.

I’m facing my refusals, turning them into confirmations, do you hear me?

I’m now walking, inhaling the fresh air.

…the winter chill is making me feel like I’m on a tropical island because it’s no more numbness I’m so HIGH.

And this high is not controlled by any type of substance and although I was once controlled it was the voices in my head that had me thinking of others…

…and preventing me from allowing myself to be trusting of no one but myself.

…and when I put that trust in myself instead of outside of me.

…so, I can just embrace and be my authentic self

Then Babyyyy

That was the ultimate HIGH for me to receive this super feeling of joy and this warmth from the chill winter air.

…knowing I’m finally solid this high is nothing but Peace Of MIND


(Mental illness exists in all forms. Listen and observe your people and give and get support)

Written by FATAL

About the Writer

Since the early age of ten. I've participated in NAACP as a youth representative and also assisted with her grade school at PS 189 in Brooklyn.

In the early '90s, I moved to Canarsie to Breukelen houses, and became the recording secretary of their resident association, Chairperson of the DEP (Department of Environmental Program) from 1992-1993 (better known as the drug elimination program) and was a part of the Breukelen head start advisory council.

When there was a lack of access to youth programming, the Community Center desired a football team and extra curriculum activities, so I organized with other parents to form a team called the Pop Warner football & Cheerleading team Canarsie Conquerors. during that time I became a certified Pee wee coach, and a Parent coordinator and implemented a program for etiquette classes for girls, scared straight for boys, and homework assistance.

In 2008 I moved to Farragut Houses and I have participated as a member of the VIDA democratic club, and currently, a part of the ICAC intergenerational community arts council in Fort Greene sponsored and in partnership with BRIC Media Arts and University Settlement, and a member of lotus chapter #7 under the order of eastern stars / masonic brotherhood and during the height of the pandemic I volunteered with other residents to form Mutual aid groups in NYCHA and partner with the local MARP BID in distributing food to residents in NYCHA and the surrounding downtown Brooklyn area.

Follow Tanja Richardson on IG Tanja Ladyk Richardson (@fatal_star21)

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