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CHAPTER 1: In my skin

Updated: Jul 2, 2022


Where do I begin, maybe with spiritual hymns or call me Maya Angelou number two should I spit out a poem about being in my skin, no, not in this article? Unapologetic, and you can call me that, if you choose. I will not pretend to be unconscious to my Divine presence because most have eyes to see. My skin is the map to beauty, and some will tell you the map to heaven. Scientists have been aware for hundreds of years about the Magic in my skin, say it loud, melanized and proud. Being aware of the health components of having Melanin has enabled me to embody what they consider the “SUPER” gene.

Strength beyond understanding and the ability to cure myself of possible illnesses or diseases is just the beginning. To absorb vitamin D to create an immune system that is unbreakable. Magic activates when you decide to create a healthy temple by balancing your soul, spirit, and mind with healthy food that align and strengthens my temple. Poisoning our communities with fake food is a great way to blind children of their “Ebony”. Understanding the power of their melanin in the skin we are in is a prevailing experience. I am Ebony, the essence and meaning of my people called the black ones. I realized that I caused ripples in the world by the time I was five years old. It seems as though the world has a Love and hate energy towards me from my birth. As I grew into a young woman, the modeling world knocked on my door.


I walked through the door, I realized I was not willing to play by the rules of darkness, and they realized that I was truly beautiful. Inside and out I possessed splendor, but with beauty came darkness. Working a full-time job suppressed my ambition. “The skin I am in” created a challenging world for me. Doors that have closed in my face, mansions that children of Ivory complexion collected and stolen for themselves with false profusion.

What will it cost to pinch off a piece of the delusional pie? Is it even worth it? I continue to walk amongst the everyday people, by wearing a crown that it is so clear and transparent that everyone can see. I have always known that eternal richness would be mine someday. However, before it was handed to me, I had to understand the importance of how to maintain true beauty from the heart. “The skin I am in” has held me warmer than the sun. “The skin I am in” has connected me to a world that none can see, and this is what I call my blessing.


Through my skin, I possess great wisdom from my ancestors and the blessed ascended master (creator). “In my skin” lies the dream of many Heroes. Some will sacrifice their skin to receive less, but I will NEVER judge other human beings for these choices. The problem is what will happen when they receive more wealth that is more Material than Spiritual wealth. The level of beauty that I dream of would be inside and out, I could never accept less treatment in anything whether it is work, family, future partner-or friendship.

No context in life will destroy “The skin I am in”.

As I share my life, journey in many future books to share with the world how I have been able to preserve my beauty and walk as my authentic self. Living in MY skin motivated me to walk off many jobs due to RACISM. Without a mother or father, I have had many terrifying experiences. I have been homeless three times due to of lack of support.

I had to work with what I had to survive. There is an old saying, Beauty is as beauty does, and it is true. Being a woman, then a black woman, has so far been an amazing and frightening journey collectively.

Your Skin

“In my skin”, with this came heat, which felt as though the devil circled around me. He wanted to make sure I knew my place and stayed in it. I conquer many moments of pure darkness and vibrate on a frequency of LOVE. My skin caused me to live a life of constant detox, similar to the matrix in and out of the photo. I realized today that my skin is the heaven and wealth that, so many seek to find. To acknowledge that we all will receive what is owed and deserved from a higher being can put everything into perspective. However, we have to pay close attention to what this beautiful world has to offer first. So much love, and being able to embrace our differences that we all personify. As individuals, we must choose light; the possibilities are up to us. Nevertheless, that is the secret of the “ability of choice” because it is only up to you to make a better world, so we can all be thankful to live in our own skin. The skin I live in cannot be beautiful unless I exemplify a beautiful heart as I walk the runway of life, living and passing my 40s with grease. “Truth” is a gift to receive with thanksgiving. Your spirit prepares to receive the knowledge of purpose when you are born. The rule of learning and growth happens in it, and that is in its rarest form, you just have to be aware of it.

This applies equally to all cultures and as you grow, everyone has a different spiritual gift they will receive. However, the greatest gift given to man and woman is “choice”. The problem is, sometimes unconsciously as a child in this big world on earth, you easily can give or lose your ability to think for yourself. Through life experiences, our elders can share by connecting us to common sense. Over the clouds beyond the sky, where harps play and pianos sing, that is also, MUSIC, where the answers are. Look within; these words are the beginning to all the answers to your questions. A constant question in my life is what should I do? From the beginning, before there was light, there was “Ebony”. They say only through “Ebony” can light be given.

The Light

In this world light, or “Self” is a symbol for direction, truth, path of wisdom, and some say the illuminated one from the source, the creator. To each his own, what is it that you truly believe? In what way do you live a true authentic life by being your true “Self” without letting circumstances destroy your spirit, body, and mind? Listen carefully; it is important to learn who you truly are in the puzzle of life. Will you choose love and walk in your truth? Will you decide to love yourself fiercely so the love you decide to give can be at its highest level to this world? Ultimately, there is no speed fast enough to run from consequence. Are you prepared to leave an impression on the people around you? Keep in mind that dishonesty and the gift of darkness is fast gratification, but overlooking your honest decisions will affect you forever. In this world, some have called the lower self, the child of the evil spirit.

The most honest liar!

It is up to you to forgive those who have dishonored you for their nature and allow the lessons learned to continue to help you grow to free yourself. To rise beyond the darkness that can lie within it all. I pray daily for the sun to continue to shine through me as a beacon of light to direct those that need the healing. I am living in the skin of “Ebony”. The true meaning of “Ebony” is black beauty because that is who we truly are, the teachers of beauty. To the rest of my brothers and sisters of all cultures, our journeys are perfect. The children of Ivory, I pray for you to remember one day who has loved you, provided and took care of you. We all must grow and learn to get to a place where we become one, and that is where Heaven truly lies within us!

The temple of God earnestly called “Ebony”. It is time to connect the world beyond the skin to love. There would be no need for a body, you would become a light so pure, a place filled with darkness could not exist.

Thanks for reading!

Ebony: “Well, I am on my way to the store In Harlem because I ran out of shea butter and black soap. It is important to moisturize and cleanse the skin well. Till the next article, beautiful ones!”

Ebony Emecca Haith is a featured Affirmation Series writer on Now PR Magazine.

Ebony Haith is a supermodel who walked into our living rooms on the first series of America's next top model. Today Ebony is an up and coming actress, comedian, writer, singer, artist and certified health counselor, but her true passion has always been writing. Recently creating short articles as a beginning intro for her upcoming book called America's next top model (SKIN too rough). Ebony's unique life journey is like no other. This American beauty is using her life experiences and voice to tell her story with wisdom and Grace. “In my skin” are short articles on the reality of her life conditions. It highlights how she continues to overcome the false myth that desensitizes so many people about their skin color. It circles around the most beautiful gift she believes is her skin. Her unapologetic, exclusive and authentic way of telling her story is wonderful and unique. In 2013, Ms. Haith had a write-up, and featured in the New York Post as one of the upcoming and pronounced storytellers of our time. She is definitely one to look out for in the near future. Ebony is bold and speaks out on topics that many were afraid to say aloud. Her life experiences are unusual, but she is finally ready to reveal them to the world. From 24 Foster Care homes, to over 13 schools, that is just the beginning. An American woman, Ebony Haith shares her story in a time that we need it. She shares her story with grace. Ebony's truth and wisdom is not only refreshing and unique, but it is healing.

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