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Did K. Michelle Undergo Plastic Surgery? Fans Are Curious

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

A nose job, a lip lift, and a Botox brow lift are just some of the procedures fans think K. Michelle (Kimberly Michelle Pate) relied on to achieve her new, super-sophisticated look.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021, the singer took to Instagram to unveil her bold, frosty pink hairstyle complete with a simple yet elegant makeup look — and, according to at least a few of her followers, a new face. What's going on? Did K. Michelle undergo aesthetic surgery?

K. Michelle debuted a new makeup look, and with it, a "new face," on Instagram.

K. Michelle is yet to share details about how she achieved the impressive new look, which is making fans all the more suspicious. Many have taken it to Twitter to engage in some collective guesswork.

To make matters even more complicated, K. Michelle announced in 2020 via a now-deleted Instagram post that her years-long troubles with reconstructive surgery came to an end. She also used the phrase "Natural Kimberly" in the caption of an Instagram post shared in June 2021. And, as another one of her posts reveals, she is currently working on a TV series about people whose plastic surgery dreams quickly turned into an absolute nightmare.

Unfortunately for gossip-hungry fans, photos dating back to 2019 show K. Michelle with a similar face — which could cast some doubt on the latest rumors.

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