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Journal #2 Essence’s Encouragement

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Self-reflection is as challenging as it is necessary for personal growth. When a person can self-reflect with honesty and openness, the better the results will be. The main goal when doing an introspection is to discover oneself. When necessary, embark on making changes that result in overall self-improvement.

The biggest obstacle could differ depending on the things we need to improve in our lives. We may name those flaws and know what they are but do not know exactly how to correct them. Thousands of people may not have the means or support to renew or enrich their lives. Others struggle with dealing with reality. Unfortunately, some people just “…can’t handle the truth”, and that is a shift in itself.

Another hurdle may even be a lack of discipline needed to practice better habits. Behaviors that help our progress will also help us to commit. This will result in personal improvements. The only way to overcome anything in life is to persevere. Whatever the obstacle is our growth will cure it. When we fall, we get back up. When we go down, we have to try a little harder to rise back up. When we fail, we try again. When we fail again, we fail better in the next attempt. There is no shortcut. There is no scorecard – unless we make one. The point is, though, that there does not have to be.

The journey to our best selves is exactly that – a journey. It is not a sprint. It is a marathon. And the goal is not to finish first, but to finish! Not too many can run this race. Everyone is not swift nor strong, but success is given to the one that endures to the end.

Isn’t that impressive? The winners of the marathon of life are not fast, nor are they strong. That means we do not have to be anything but willing to go through the process. All we must focus on is the results rather than the process. All we need to do to win is stay IN the race. Survive! Endure your challenges. Endure your flaws. Face your truths. Experience the processes of these revelations. Accept the truths that are difficult to stand in. Just stand. Heck, lay down in it if it will bring about acceptance for what the truth really IS. Un-comfortability is a part of the experience! The goal is to endure even the parts that do not feel so great. Do not avoid it, do not fear it. Get past the uncomfortable part. That is the most challenging aspect of the process.

Life is about giant leaps, but it is also very much about baby steps. No one has a ruler to measure any of our progressions except us. Even that realization is a challenge. But that challenge, and all others are directed to US!

So do not allow anyone or anything influence how you run your race. Especially if they are not at the checkpoint waiting with a refreshing bottle of water. Or a cool towel encouraging you to stay IN it.

This letter is me, Essence, encouraging you to stay in the race and fight until the end! I will see you at the finish line – with a cool bottle of water and a “Congratulations!”

If I can recognize you.

Job Well done, with all that growth and progress on you!

About the author

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Robin Holmes began writing creatively at the age of eight. She loved the written word so much; she was deemed a “nerd” by her peers. In the 5th grade, her work was published locally. Her love for writing evolved with poems, rhyming words to lyrics, and original + popular songs.

Although, life forced her to put it on the back burner for some time. She never lost her love for the craft. A single mom at 21 years old, she continued to do the work that was necessary to enforce positive change in her and her daughter's life. After moving Upstate, NY in 2002 she began a new chapter in her life. It was a pivot that changed her.

She had a child, worked with children,

and that introduced her to another passion. Educating prompted her to further HER education. So, she returned to Brooklyn in 2008. After losing her dad in 2010, she later gave birth to her son in 2013. Ms Holmes received her Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 2017. This helped her rediscover her passion for writing after successfully completing this milestone.

Sadly, after losing a coworker Virginia Monger, coauthor of Nia’s Sick Sense, a series of works were born. She wrote more about adolescents. And because she watched the process of Nia’s creation, and losing someone so dear to her tragically it sparked her passion and drive for her to…

“Get back out there."

The pseudonym “Essence” is a name given to Ms. Holmes by yet another loved one that she lost. She uses it in honor of herself and how much she meant to her.

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