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Two Amazing Dads Turn Reading into a Hip Hop Experience.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

September is Back to School month— and it is never too early to begin celebrating education. While we get our kids settled, we want to prepare them for a brand-new year comfortably. We also want to share ways to relax, and reading is one wonderful way to do it.

As you begin exploring new books, new activities, healthy lunches, impressive ways to stay focused, and more we want to explore and encourage your child to use their imagination. Instead of shying away from reading by competing with gaming and social media, help your child to understand the importance of learning unfamiliar words. The easiest way to do this is by discussing self-image and self-love and as a family with rhyme and rhythm.

Rich and Dale supplemented their children's book series as one of the latest writing teams which incorporate reading and rhythm with an innovative, colorful style. So, the idea was to create a series of characters to transform the way kids build a positive self-image. "It's almost like they are learning how to rhyme while reading.

Visually the images are captivating", says Richard. With several children's stories and simply two down-to-earth guys "Rich Dale Tales" was born. Dale says, "Coinciding with everything that is new, hot, and fresh! Having three boys myself, I continuously reinforce the importance of reading to my sons."

Rhyming with words and using color is a safe space for learning. Discussing your child’s achievements and failures helps them to create new goals. Their future checklist encourages empathy and self-understanding — and teaches children how to connect their individual experiences with the experiences of others. Read a series that will allow them to venture outside of their comfort zone, and then ask your child to draw a picture or write a journal entry to help show what they've learned from each character.

Read Richdale Tales — colorful picture books showing the joys and challenges that kids of all races, ethnicities, and cultures can relate to as they learn and grow. You can explore another world with them. The color, the words that rhyme in general, and awesome illustrations in particular by Ronald Barrow can help reduce the anxiety that children may face during the school year. The Richdale series will help children see that reading is fun, beautiful, and melodic.

Questions to Ask Your Child

  1. What makes someone a hero? Who are some Richdale characters that you have learned about?

  2. When looking at the illustrator’s artwork, ask your child: What stands out to you first and why? What does this art tell you about or remind you of? Do the characters look happy, sad, or anxious? Why?

  3. Who are the heroes in these books?

  4. What is a role model? Who is your role model?

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