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[VIDEO] Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister and Donell Jones Announce New Group ‘The Chi’

Chicago R&B music legends, Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister and Donell Jones are joining forces to make a super group. The trio are calling themselves THE CHI, which is perfect since they all represent Chicago’s music scene and dominated music at different times in the 90s and early 2000s.

All three artists posted the news on Instagram early Saturday with different captions, but all confirming that they would be doing this with new music coming from the trio soon.

The new group, The Chi, is unexpected because no combination of these three have collaborated with each other before. They have lived and made music in the same space and time and we’re sure that they have shared stages with each other before, but no music has been released.

Most recently Donell Jones released a new project on Valentine’s Day 2021. The 7 song EP is titled, 100% Free.

Dave Hollister released his last album, The

MANuscript back in 2016 via Shanachie


Carl Thomas hasn’t released a solo project in 10 years! His last album was Conquer. We interviewed him at the time of the release to discuss the long wait between his second album (Let’s Talk About It, 2004) and that release.

The last successful R&B supergroup was TGT – Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese. Although they found success they only had one album, unfortunately, before they broke up in 2015 because of financial differences.

Dave Hollister does have experience as a group member before of course, as part of BlackStreet. While he did leave that group himself, maybe lessons learned from that experience and him eventually mending fences with Teddy Riley and other members, may help him make The Chi a lasting partnership.

We look forward to new music from these guys!

Are you excited for the Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister and Donell Jones Supergroup???

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