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[VIDEO] RUMOURS have flooded the internet actor Allen Payne has died - NOT TRUE

The 53-year-old has appeared in than two dozen movies and TV shows and is best known for for playing C.J. Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. The actor has also had roles in New Jack City, CB4 and The Perfect Storm. But week rumours began circulating that the actor died which gathered momentum on social media.

The mystery began on a YouTube channel called Stars News.

The mystery began on a YouTube channel called Stars News. It uploaded a video called “R.I.P Its With Heavy Hearts We Report Sad Death Of ‘House of Payne’ Star Allen Payne Beloved One.”

At the time of writing the video has had 245,694 views which has led many to wrongly believe that the actor had died.

The claims then spread to Twitter with one user writing: “Is Allen Payne really dead?”

“Why people keep saying Allen Payne is dead?” said another. But the rumour was put to bed by others on Twitter who said he was very much alive.

One person wrote: “Someone just shared a post Allen Payne died! Which is a lie!”

“ALLEN PAYNE IS NOT DEAD,” said another.

Others expressed their disgust at the rumours that had been circulating. “Why is social media always killing someone off … I just saw a post that said Allen Payne (CJ from the house of Payne) is dead …. There’s mad YouTube tributes saying he’s dead but man’s is very much ALIVE.”

Payne's current whereabouts are not known and he has not posted to his Instagram account @theallenpayne. It is thought he has been working on his latest project California Love which is due to come out later this year.

Stop Killing people off INTERNET! It's not right!!!!!

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