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We Asked Men "What Advice Would They Give to a Man in His Twenties?"

Oh wow! The Advice just continued to pour in and it is still continuing. I never in all of my life seen anything like this. I am going to go ahead and assume that the men giving the advice were lucky enough to receive advice as a young man in THEIR twenties. But that might be pure ignorance!

In fact, not all men have father figures in their lives to begin with. So can they honestly say that the people that are around them truly want to see them win? Maybe not. But what I do know is there are people out there that do. I also have to make something very clear, I know that some people both men and women yearn for someone to sit them down and SAY, listen you are making a big mistake. I think you should do it this way. Those words are priceless but sometimes the fear of rejection can deter anyone from stopping someone in their tracks before they make a F@%ked up decision.

I think this was one of the most genius Ideas to spread the love without sounding like a broken record. It's their decision to take it or leave it. This advice delivery is connected to so many successful, driven and seasoned men that know what the hell they are talking about. So we chose the posts that really resonated within our souls. Not to mention a woman chimed in and I must say her advice was what we needed to hear for our young kings, so in here for all of it

Well I am not sure if you can get more REAL than this. Obviously we could not add all of the comments but feel free to join our conversations when you get a chance! In the meantime be safe and write for us one day, you never never know whose reading yo Shitznick.


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