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Will a Narcissist Ever Marry?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Written By Edward Tierney

No, that is not how it works. Even if (and we are giving the benefit of a massive doubt here) the narcissist starts off with the best of intentions, the net result will always be the same. Always, never met or heard of an exception. That means misery and pain for the non - narcissist, and the narcissist going through a series of failed relationships, breaking hearts along the way.

Fancy those odds?

The trouble is- narcissist are not honest about this stuff. They tell each new supply a variation of the same tall tale-you are special, this is special, with you, it will be different, I have never felt this way before, you are The One. They bowl you over with their charm, and because they are so good at lying and mirroring, it all looks genuine.

However, if you ignore the red flags they are actually flying, or talk yourself into believing the lies, later you will pay a very hefty price. You will be isolated, kept under control, your self-esteem will be attacked daily, and you will end up unrecognizable to yourself. Extricating yourself from the toxic mess of a narcissistic relationship is a painful and messy business. So please, do one thing-read about the disorder before getting involved.

Decide once you know the games they play and the tricks they use. I suspect you will run a mile. See my future articles if you want a book recommendation, one that will open your eyes in horror.

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