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You’re Dating a Good Black Man

Good black men, like heavenly sex, can be hard to find. For sure, at the beginning all men look the same, loving, caring, romantic and et cetera. As soon as you hit the first bump on the road, many ladies often get a stab on the back. The nice man’s exterior sheds off to a true raw skin and bones. Well, that’s the difference between a good black man and those womanizers out there.

As an animal that has undergone untold abuse, nowadays it’s hard to trust when someone good comes along. The 21st century lady is quick to bite any hand that tries to touch and shut any mouth that tries to vibe them. We have depleted all the faith in humanity. However, amid all this, a prince charming still exists for every one of us out there. Efforts to dig deep to cross paths with a good black man are worth every try. Good things don’t come easy, and if you are somehow lucky that they do, you need good efforts to keep them.

This goes out to all ladies seeing, dating or even thinking about a black man, here are 5 signs that he is worth your time and not just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He makes you feel beautiful

A good black man manifests feelings of your inside and outside beauty. It’s not just about saying the words, the way he interacts with you mentally and physically speaks volumes.

He asks real conversation questions and does not just answer them

A good man is interested in knowing more than just the inside you. He wants to know all of you. A good man probes and asks for more. He asks questions generated from real talks, not the contrived ones that he knows will make you comfortable enough to open up your legs.

He has a sense of inspiration

A good black man possesses an unshakable character. He is inspirational in not only his words but also in deeds. He inspires you to become a better version of yourself. He doesn’t feel insecure in uplifting a lady.

He doesn’t hide his family, he wants to know about yours too

More than ladies, men are also careful not to quickly jump ships. A mention of relationship and family can easily scare the hell out of them and send them back. However, a good black man is never shaken by this. On the contrary, he wants to know more about your family. He isn’t put off by your flaws. He isn’t afraid of sharing about his family as well.

He excites in keeping you on your toes, not on your back

A good black man always challenges you and pushes you to higher heights. He excites you more than you do. He knows how to get the hell out of you and throw it back. Obviously, he has a profound ability to clean the mess when he goes overboard.

Tameeka Lawrence is a contributing writer for she is currently in school for her Masters at NYU for Politics and Communications

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