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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

The New Year will bring lots of new things into our lives. This also means old people; places and things are replaced and will need to be disposed of to make room for new growth -- along with lots of revelations, and new ideas that may present itself, the mix can bring confusion along the way.

The only problem is, it can be hard to allow life to flow for some that are focusing more on reacting instead of understanding.

Less Reaction, More Understanding

You will never leave old electronics around to collect dust and take up space, so why would we do that with dead-end friendships or jobs. Because we know that technology changes rapidly, we upgrade for faster, reliable and better services. We find ourselves trying to hold on to our phones, laptops, and services. We may have information, or phone numbers that we cannot afford to lose, or we just are lazy with starting the process. I myself had to take a second to digest the pros and cons in life altering decisions.

When it came to change I was always ready, just hesitant because I knew what I had, but I did not know what I was getting. My motto is to drop it off! Drop off whatever it is that is simply not healthy for you. Learning how to give someone a ride, and dropping them off at their destination, is a part of life. That person may not be a part of your journey, not for each stop. A part of letting it flow is being able to drive while understanding your destination from the very beginning of the trip.

“Learning that someone will never try to pull you down if they didn't feel you were above them is a drop-off moment. Learning that up to three toxic things can be dropped off per week is ok for your mental well-being.”

Remember: people that waste your time should not just be disposed of in a regular mental trash. You have to understand why you are ridding them out of your life for clarity to avoid letting them back into your life. I call it N-waste, Nonentity waste, people that add no value to your life.

Honestly, it has changed my life. Keep in mind that if disposed of improperly and irresponsibly due to toxic, jealousy, and envy there will be push back. These kinds of situations can cause serious damage to your life if you share mutual friends. When this happens, it can potentially cause innocent people to be caught in a web. However, once you understand what your destination is, and most importantly, not everyone is your friend, your life will change. Your flow will change when it comes to moving on from useless relationships.

For example, when you allow things to take its course, you are charging your batteries; you are observing from afar, you are preparing to move on. Releasing bad energy that can cause dangerous internal fires and prevent you from growing into your resolution is key.

Resolutions are real! For the New Year, it is good to release all hazardous waste that can affect your assignments. You will not be able to focus on anything if there is traffic that is not moving, has no destination, or living vicariously through your life.

Pace Yourself

Old relationships should not become new again. If you broke up with someone, then move on for good. Stop trying to recycle old relationships and learn how to drop them off at the nearest corner. I call them “twisters” and their job is to create problems for you. Twisters should not be able to get back into your car. In fact, just drive by and wave, trust me they will find their way home.

“Every interaction that we have are decorations. I tell my daughter this all the time, it can come off. Are they an asset or a burden? If the answer is “a burden”, let us move on. Don’t speed but keep driving.”

Mental Packing

When I feel weighed down, I mentally unpack. I feel out the person and my environment. I realized that everyone has his or her own folder in my life. Furthermore, I log them in. Folders start big with trust, love, energy, and reliability then as the time goes by the folder is flattened and cut to a 2-feet by 2-feet or smaller when doubt steps in. The moment that happens…the recycling begins. Once I know what needs to be purged and what needs to stay, here comes the FLOW.

Take time to know someone, and understand them before jumping in. Sometimes someone can be upset with you, and you may not even know it. If you know in your heart that you have not done anything to that person, they are fighting an invisible battle with themselves. Enjoy your new life without them! Try not to react and dispose of all you have learned so far.

Make each day count by not subtracting before adding everything up first. From experience, it is better to follow the guidelines for dropping people off when it is their stop. No need to keep them in the car if they are not contributing to your gas money. In other words, you will get to your destination without them. You are not their Uber driver!

Thank You for reading!

Nicole S. Norton-Evans is the Editor-n-Chief For She is inspiring so many creatives to tap into their writing skills. There's so much left to share, so let's start today.

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